Doctors for Human Rights (DHR)



  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • HeadquartersUnited Kingdom
  • Founded1989
Doctors for Human Rights (DHR) is a long established human rights organistion with a global remit. Membership is open to the general public, corporations and health professionals alike. Since coming into existence in 1989 their experience shows that the medical world can both inform and learn from the Human Rights community. DHR exists to channel the humanity, influence and unique skills of the medical profession into securing worldwide observance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other internationally recognised Human Rights standards. As the only Health and Human Rights organisation in the UK they are embarking on a programme of development that includes an expansion of their activities and the creation of the first Health and Human Rights Centre in the UK DHR is affiliated to the International Federation of Health and Human Rights Organisations. Objectives - To investigate and campaign globally against Health and Human Rights violations.  - To champion the ethics which underpin Health and Human Rights. - To promote international Health and Human Rights standards. - To uncover and stop medical participation in Health and Human Rights violations. - To provide specialised medical investigations into Health and Human Rights violations. - To advocate on behalf of victims of Human Rights violations. - To support persecuted health professionals. - To advise international bodies on the right to the highest attainable standard of Health. - To encourage national, regional and global measures against violations of Human Rights. - To document the Health effects of egregious violations of Human Rights. - To monitor and prompt governments over Human Rights legislation, policy and good practice. - To develop a Health and Human Rights education programme to be incorporated into medical school curricula. Vision and Rationale To continue to respond to the growing demand for their expertise in DHRs' existing areas of work.   To create the first Health and Human Rights Centre in the UK. To develop an interactive web site to serve both as an international information portal and education resource with regard to Human Rights and the Health aspects of Human Rights. To increase overall membership numbers and to attract a medical membership comprising 5% of the UK medical profession

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