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EkoWATT is one of the main Czech energy, economy and living environment consultancy companies. It was established in 1990 as a non-profit organization. During EkoWATT's existence it has become a professional consulting and expertise company, whose accomplishments have been awarded both in the Czech Republic and internationally. Their branch offices in Prague and Ceské Budejovice are among the most visited and well respected consultancies in the Czech Republic. EkoWATT's target is to support effective and nature friendly use of energy sources and to support the energy sustainability of buildings, municipalities and regions. They provide high quality and objective consulting. They try to help their clients to make better and more effective choices and decisions. They aim to be a confident and reliable partner in the area of energy consulting. They innovate - they do things which do not exist yet. To accomplish their mission they concentrate mainly on: Preparation of energy surveys, audits, studies and analysis of the relationships between energy, economics and the environment Professional support of energy saving projects and renewable energy sources Research and development in the areas of energy saving projects and renewable energy sources Consulting and environmental education, training and public enlightenment focusing on the effective and environmentally friendly use of energy Public relations Their services are used by architects, designers, government and non-profit organizations, municipalities, schools and hospitals, research institutions, landowners, businessmen, agricultural and manufacturing companies, foreign and international institutions, other companies, research centers and, last but not least, the public. In 1996 EkoWATT was awarded The Sasakawa Peace Foundation Environmental Award for the Ekologization and Optimalization of Energy Treatment in the Boží Dar urban area.  

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