• Organization TypeDevelopment Consulting
  • Development Budget1 Million - 5 Million
  • HeadquartersPhilippines
  • Founded1982


ENTRENA is a professional services organization incorporated and located in the Dominican Republic since 1982. We specialize in training, consulting and education projects for clients located in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean basin.      OUR UNIQUE STRENGTHS   Dominican Immersed with International Technology  We are a Dominican company, strongly committed to assisting development efforts throughout the country, in close contact with the organizations and communities impacted by such efforts. At the same time, we incorporate new technology from the outside, modify where necessary to make it appropriate, and channel it effectively for maximum impact.   Bi-Cultural and Bi-Lingual  ENTRENA has the capacity to work equally effective in separate or mixed Dominican and foreign environments, and in both Spanish and English. We can identify and analyze the effects of Hispanic/Caribbean socio-cultural traits in development programming. Particularly in the case of joint activities between Dominican and Northamerican based organizations, we can detect how these traits either enhance or tend to impede progress. Our services, therefore, are culturally appropriate and professionally sound.   Widespread Sectoral Competencies  Our experience in training, education, and project management have exposed ENTRENA to many different sectors and created an integrated approach to development. We have provided services in sustainable agriculture, management of natural resources, income/ employment generation, primary health, water and sanitation, teacher training, information technology and language acquisition.   Local Contacts and Logistical Flexibility  During the last twenty years, we have worked with over 300 Dominican organizations and communities in development projects and incorporated over 150 local consultants and experts to provide technical expertise. We have implemented community based projects in every region of the Dominican Republic and have the capability to carry out activities simultaneously in different geographical areas. In addition to the Dominican Republic, we have also carried out projects in the countries of Honduras, Nicaragua and Haiti.   Experienced Management of Funds  Because we are a private company and have managed large contract sums of monies from both private and public international organizations, we have been exposed to the highest standards and norms for accounting and overall financial management. Over the years, we have developed systems for the tracking of funds and cash-flow operations.     KEY SKILLS OF ENTRENA   What makes us unique is our ability to bridge people from different cultures and socio-economic levels into productive teams that achieve results such as: -Baseball teams that require communication between different staffing levels from multi-cultural and multi-lingual backgrounds and whose workforce is predominantly from the poorest sectors of Hispanic-Caribbean societies. -Development projects which need to channel resources to marginalized communities but at the same time, need these communities to contribute and “empower” the project for themselves. -Students who seek an international education experience which fosters independent research exposing them to a variety of target populations in the country.   Training students who seek an international education experience which fosters independent research exposing them to a variety of target populations in the country. Consulting covers expertise in project management, program development, monitoring and evaluation, and proposal development. International Education provides activities in specialized studies, independent research, unique exchange programs, and the challenges of academic achievement in the developing world.     SERVICES International Education ENTRENA has the proven capability to design and implement international education programs that respond to your specific needs. For over 20 years, we have been leaders in the Dominican Republic in the following areas.   Learn Spanish We have 20 years of experience with students from a diversity of backgrounds, ages, needs, and learning styles. Renown organizations with professional standards such as Peace Corps, universities, and diplomatic missions use our services. The Dominican Republic provides an excellent environment for learning Spanish. The warm and outgoing Dominican population is easy to engage in practice conversation and patient and helpful with foreigners learning Spanish. With an excellent climate and diversity of beaches, mountains, museums, and nightlife to experience, our students quickly fall in love with the DR. Individual tailored instruction that takes into account the uniqueness of your background, personality, and previous learning experiences. ENTRENA designs a program that captures the richness of your diversity rather than imposing upon you a totally pre-determined program.   Cultural Adaptation ENTRENA can provide you cross-cultural training activities that respond to your needs: -One day orientation programs to living and working in the Dominican Republic -Relocation and Orientation Programs -Short-term training programs in the Dominican Republic to enhance the skills of service providers for the growing immigrant population.   Study Abroad ENTRENA offers your university study abroad activities that either integrate or separately provide components related to development, a specialized technical area such as health, environment, small business, etc, Spanish as a second language, cross-cultural adjustment strategies, and specific in-country information. By combining our unique experience with NGO development projects and Peace Corps training, we can design for your university an overseas study program in the Dominican Republic comparable to none. This is our unique niche –whether it be with a university consortium (i.e. CIC –Committee of Institutional Cooperation of “Big 10” Universities), a large scale provider such as CIEE, or an individual institution such as Goshen, we can respond to your unique needs.   English Language Clinic We offer specialized English instruction for professionals, diplomats, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations and businesses in general.     Development Consulting ENTRENA specializes in project management that addresses sustainable social development, poverty alleviation, and community participation. Our key ability is to facilitate and coordinate resources and activities between donors (international, governmental, private sector), implementing institutions such as NGO and community based organizations. Our most significant activity was the technical management of the USAID sponsored PVO/NGO Co-Financing and Hurricane Georges Reconstruction project in the Dominican Republic from 1991 to 2001. These large scale projects fostered institutional strengthening and improved delivery of services to the poorest sectors of the Dominican population. The financial impact of the project covered over US 30 million in direct donations plus another US 10 million in counterpart contributions. These resources were disbursed to over 70 sub-project grant agreements involving 50 implementing NGOs for a beneficiary population in excess of 750,000 in over 300 communities. This project is considered a model for the alleviation of poverty and sustainable social development.     Training Services The word ENTRENA comes from “entrenar” in Spanish which means to train. We originally emerged as a training organization and training continues to be a key service of ENTRENA. Our training skills are unique and competitive because: -We bridge cultural and socio-economic gaps during our training programs. We are experienced in relating to different target populations and untapping the talents of diversity. -We link training to performance. Organizations invest in training because it should improve performance thereby increasing profits and enhancing services. -We apply training in the field in real life, experiential, and adult learning situations. We are as comfortable at a village or community level as in a well equipped training facility. -We can design and manage comprehensive training programs or components thereof such as designing training objectives, evaluation criteria, or training of trainers workshops. Whatever your training needs in the Dominican Republic, ENTRENA may be your solution.     Major League Baseball ENTRENA has the privilege of playing a key role in the globalization of baseball. As a consultant to the baseball operations office of Major League Baseball in the Dominican Republic and individual teams such as the Oakland A’s, ENTRENA has provided the following services: -Management expertise for setting up and operating offices in the Dominican Republic. -Player enrichment, English as a foreign language (EFL) and educational activities -Community Service -Special Projects  
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