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EVT Eiberger Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

The first step towards customer satisfaction is selection of the right degreasing medium! Their technical competence and professionalism require to openly and honestly inform you whether a chlorinated hydrocarbon such as PER, TRI or dichloromethane, a hydrocarbon (AIII) or a modified alcohol (AIII) is the right medium for your application. For the same reason, if expedient they will also advise you to take another approach, for example aqueous degreasing/cleaning, or recommend a product of an affiliated manufacturer if we are unable to meet your requirements with their technology. Whenever the use of chlorinated hydrocarbons is sensible and appropriate, they fully support this mature, environmentally sound approach. They work with heart, soul and hand to motivate our customers to keep coming back for more, whether it is to buy additional plants or to replace an older EVT plant that has reached retirement age. They have succeeded in doing this with most of their customers from the outset – and the growing number of firms that are now replacing entire fleets of degreasing plants with EVT products to avoid the problems associated with VOCs shows that they are on the right course. The second step is to choose the right plant! They are convinced that this can only be a plant which is designed and built to precisely meet all of your requirements, starting with conditions at the intended installation site and extending to the task at hand. For this reason, every one of our plants is an (affordable!) unique system – and there is no such thing as an “off the shelf” EVT plant.
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  • Germany
  • Ferdinand-von-Steinbeis-Ring 45 Sternenfels