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Eye to Eye is the only national mentoring movement that pairs kids with dyslexia and ADHD with high school and college students who have been similarly labeled. Using an arts-based curriculum, their mentors helps their mentees to value their own unique minds by building their self-esteem and giving them the skills to become self-advocates. Eye to Eye's mission is to improve the life of every person with a learning disability. They fulfill their mission by supporting and growing a network of youth mentoring programs run by and for those with learning differences, and by organizing advocates to support the full inclusion of people with learning disabilities and ADHD in all aspects of society. Their vision is simple yet bold: to create a world in which people with LD / ADHD are fully accepted, valued, and respected—not just by society, but also by themselves—and that they live free from second thoughts or worry, ready, able, and eager to apply their unique strengths to whatever they encounter in life. Self-acceptance begins and ends with confidence. In order to develop that confidence, however, students need to feel safe. The conversations they have in the Eye to Eye Art Room create and fortify a safe space and make their movement truly unique. Mentors talk openly and bravely about their experiences. Mentees realize they are not alone, sometimes for the very first time. They see someone who was once just like they are today. More importantly, they see someone they hope to be tomorrow. And yet, their art projects can't last forever. Mentors and Mentees must leave the safe space they've created together and return to a world that is often unable or unwilling to accept their way of learning. Their response to this situation draws its power from the strength of theirmovement. They are determined to expand the safe space of their art rooms into society at large by normalizing LD / ADHD through open and honest conversation. Government estimates indicate that up to 20% of the US population has LD / ADHD, and that it can be found in every age group, socio-economic category, race, gender, sexual orientation, and geography. This statistic may come as a surprise to those outside the LD / ADHD community , but it's a fact that can no longer be ignored. They aspire to build support systems not just among those of us with LD / ADHD, but also among those who care about us, teach us, work with us, and can effect social change on their behalf.  The local chapters, the Diplomats, the national office, and the social media efforts serve as a dynamic, multi-front advocacy effort. They are determined to show others that having LD / ADHD is as perfectly normal as having blue eyes or brown hair—yet another aspect of human individuality to be recognized, embraced, and—yes—even celebrated.

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