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Finatech Group

Finatech Group is a reference technological integrator that emerged in 2007 from the desire of the Financecom group to acquire a technological arm capable of deploying high value-added solutions to operators and strategic contractors in Morocco and Africa. Finatech Group operates on a broad scope of activities through its business units internally but also through its various subsidiaries. Finatech Group puts the stakes and the challenges of its partner customers at the heart of the reflection that allows it to design solutions and infrastructures adapted to the real needs of its partner customers while being durable in time and respectful of the environment. Finatech Group deploys its expertise on its various business lines through a fully integrated framework that goes from thinking with its partner clients for solution design, operational deployment and both preventive and corrective maintenance.
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Contract Awards

Bc No. 36 Office Equipment Purchase

African Development Bank (AFDB)

Company Offices

  • Morocco
  • Casablanca
  • Casanearshore (Sidi Maarouf), Shore 10 - Technological Park