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FORBIS Institute Limited

FORBIS Institute is a bilingual and professional training centre. They strive to meet the unique needs of students on vacation, senior executives and public servants who are very concerned about the need for fluent bilingual communication (with French as a second language) in their workplaces or in their professional lives. The Institute offers its students a real opportunity to learn a second working language or improve on their potential for professional bilingual aptitude. Do you wish to take advantage of your annual leave and seize the opportunity that Forbis offers to lead an adventure in learning English? Are you a civil or mechanical engineer, a medical doctor, a research scientist or sociologist? Are you an IT or Oil and Gas professional? You do not have to worry. In any field of your career, here’s the opportunity to “passport” your business and expand your world. You are warmly welcome! Their students are from all professions. In any area of ​​your career, here is the opportunity to expand your world. Enter it, now and right now! Their methodology and training approach are practical, interactive but yet rigorously engaging, based on communicative and actional approaches in the teaching and learning of a foreign or second language for those who wish to acquire it as a working tool in order to maximize opportunities in their professional lives. To learn a language, therefore, is to cross the threshold to a new world. It is to give oneself another vision of the world, said Frederico Fellino. At FORBIS Institute, they hope to act together with you to fill your communication gaps, bridge worlds, and unite cultures! They can only assure you of an unforgettable experience here in Ghana, since it is the world that awaits you with immense opportunities and promises.
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