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  • Organization TypeFoundation
  • Staff26-50
  • HeadquartersEstonia
  • Founded2003
Foundation Innove promotes the sectors of general and vocational education, provides career and education counselling services through the nationwide Rajaleidja (Pathfinder) lifelong guidance network, and mediates the European Union assistance. Innove is governed by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. Foundation Innove was established in 2003 by the Government of Estonia as a non-profit foundation. The Foundation is a legal person in private law that operates pursuant to the laws and other legislation of the Republic of Estonia and its statutes. The founder is the Republic of Estonia, whose rights as the founder are exercised by the Ministry of Education and Research.  In 2003 the established foundation Innove took over the activities of the preceeding foundation called Vocational Education and Training Reform in Estonia (1995-2003). In  2012 National Examination and Qualification Centre (NEQC) joined Foundation Innove. As a state agency it was established in 1997 by the Ministry of Education and Research. The main objective of the National Examination and Qualification Centre  was to implement the national education and language policy. The main objective of the Foundation is to coordinate lifelong learning development activities and to implement relevant projects and the EU structural aid in a targeted and efficient manner. To achieve its objective, the Foundation shall: Organise the development and implementation of qualifications and curricula in the area of general and vocational education Coordinate the development and implementation of career services Create  integration opportunities   for non-Estonian-speaking population and support relevant integration processes Prepare, coordinate and implement projects in the area of lifelong learning and languages Fulfil tasks of an implementing agency of EU structural assistance Organise training,  national assessment, data collection, analysis and dissemination of education related information Create learning opportunities in accordance with the issued training permits and founded private schools as institutions of the Foundation for this purpose, organise their activities as well as hobby education. The work organisation of a private school as an institution of the Foundation shall be specified in the statutes of the private school Organise other activities necessary for achieving the objectives of the Foundation Foundation Innove management board members are Robert Lippin, Katri Targama ja Birgit Lao.  Innove consists of the following organizational units: Education Agency. The aim of the agency is to create conditions and opportunities  for content-related development of general and vocational education in the society. To achieve the aim the agency uses resources of the Curriculum and Methodology Centre, Research and Development Centre, In-service Training Centre for Teachers and Principals, Tests Centre and PRÕM Project Unit. Structural Funds Agency. The aim of the agency is to organise application processes for assistance from the structural funds, to mediate structural funds assistance and to monitor assistance recipients, as well as to monitor projects and programmes that recipients implement. To achieve the aim the agency uses resources of the Life-long Learning Centre, Working Life Centre and Monitoring Centre. Agency for Lifelong Guidance. The aim of the agency is to create conditions and opportunities for content-related development and functioning of education support services (first and foremost, career services and educational counselling) in the society. The structure of the agency includes  Development Centre. Its responsibilities include development of the system of career services and educational counselling. It also  coordinates the provision of career and educational counselling services  in county-based centres and pilot schools.  Regional Guidance Centres (15), whose responsibilities include:  a) provision of Level II services in the area of career and educational counselling;  b) provision of Level I services in the area of educational counselling in accordance with legal acts;  c) organization of work of the country counselling committee;  d) participation in work of the state counselling committee;  e) initiation of county-based projects which promote services or participation in corresponding projects;  f) coordination of services-related cooperation between institutions and organizations in the county.  Administrative Centre. The main task of the centre is to provide the Foundation with services in the areas of office administration, information technology, personnel, public relations, legislation counselling, and procurement organisation as well as creation and maintenance of the working environment of the Foundation. Financial Centre. The main task of the centre is to draw the Foundation’s budget, to monitor the fulfilment of the budget and to organise accountancy of the Foundation. International Cooperation Centre. The main aim of the centre is to promote and market the Foundation Innove as well as innovations and best practices of the Estonian education at the international level. Tallinn European School. Tallinn European School was founded by the Foundation Innove and opened in August of 2013. 

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