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Fundación Corona is a private nonprofit organization that supports and funds initiatives oriented towards strengthening the institutional capacity of the country in four strategic social sectors: education, health, entrepreneurial development and local and community development. The foundation was established in 1963 by the Echavarría Olózaga family, highly successful Colombian entrepreneurs who have participated in the industrial development of the country through the establishment and operation of Corona, an entrepreneurial organization mainly dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of ceramic products. Fundación Corona represents the social commitment of a family who understands its work in supporting innovative programs and projects having an impact in contributing to improve equity and decrease poverty in Colombia. How They Work The main objective of Fundación Corona is to contribute in the promotion of equity and decreasing poverty in Colombia. To be able to meet this goal, Fundación Corona focuses on four areas considered fundamental: health, education, local and community development and entrepreneurial development. Four specific work strategies are applied to these areas: -Development of management models useful to social organizations and groups, such as schools, hospitals, micro-enterprises and community organizations with the objective of working more efficiently (organizational effectiveness). -Development of knowledge in specific sectors and promotion of public debate in topics of interest in order to improve the design and development of public policies. -Promotion of citizenship participation to allow community problem solving and stimulate the follow up and control of local governments, -Development of programs for the generation of job and income opportunities for the vulnerable population. The Foundation works in establishing alliances that increase the effectiveness, sustainability and availability of resources for its initiatives. It supports programs and projects that offer innovation in problem solving and the development of new knowledge. Finally, it concentrates in those initiatives that demonstrate a greater possibility of being effective and that generate a systematic and long-term impact. Program Areas Entrepreneurial Development Area Entrepreneurial Development. Contribute to the improvement of competitivity and sustainability of the micro and small companies and the implementation of new enterprises in the impoverished population. Microenterprise Development. Contribute to the improvement of public policies for the micro and small enterprise sector. Education Area Quality of Education Processes. Contribute to improve the quality of education processes and results of initial, basic and technical education. Policies, Government and Educational Debate. Generate and divulge information to evaluate the debate on public policies and promote accountability among local and national authorities. Local and Community Development Area Community Organization. Contribute to the development of effective community organizations participating in public and community affairs. Citizenship and Local Government. Induce local governments to be more accountable, democratic, effective and to respond to the needs of its citizens. Health Access and Quality of Health Services and Programs. Contribute to the improvement of management and quality of health institutions, services and programs provided to impoverished people. Globalization and Equity in the Health System. Contribute to the analysis, debate and development of public policies to ensure universality, equity, efficiency and quality of the health system. Core Values -Respect: Their interpersonal and institutional relations are built on respect. They value plurality and diversity. -Integrity: They aim to act with propriety and responsibility, being firm, consistent, and guided by their ethics. Collective interests take priority over personal ones. -Solidarity: They focus on developing timely solutions to social problems, promoting equal opportunity. They understand the importance of coming together to achieve common goals. -Excellence: They work with discipline and dedication to generate results that positively affect society and their partners. In order to maintain a high quality in their work, they are constantly learning. History; orona Foundation was created in 1963 by the Echavarría Olózaga family and is the expression of its commitments to Colombian society. The foundation, originally named the Santa Elena Foundation in honor of Mrs. Elena Echavarría Olózaga, was originally intended to promote the holistic development of communities within the area of influence of the Corona factories. At that time the foundation directly offered assistance programs primarily in education, housing, and health. Towards the end of the 1980s, the Corona corporation underwent organizational changes in order to adapt to the new demands of a more open and globalized economy. The foundation took on its current name and decided to move on from directly operating programs to becoming a facilitator, broadening its field of intervention to extend to all of society, putting together a highly professional and technically qualified team, and developing its own solid assets. The foundation began promoting programs directed towards business development, local and community management, education, and health. In 2011, the foundation began to consolidate a new strategic mandate issued in 2010 that was oriented towards strengthening capacities to drive social development, quality of life, and equity in Colombia. The focus is on the foundation's institutional mechanisms and promoting a collective impact with a regional perspective, prioritizing its role as an organization that creates projects through generating alliances and linking knowledge and innovation. The Echavarría Olózaga family continues to inspire the foundation's orientation in this transition to a new strategic angle, actively participating at the director level and sponsoring its work.  


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