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Fundacion Teko Kavi

About Teko Kavi Foundation, which in Chiriguana language means "Good Life", has as a priority to work with minority populations, who suffer some level of marginalization or discrimination and with difficulties to access better social, political and economic conditions. Teko Kavi works with methodologies based on popular education, proposing, executing, evaluating programs, educational and environmental projects allowing better learning in people; From this perspective, Teko Kavi becomes a reference in the development of models and initiatives consistent with the recognition of the individual and collective rights of these populations. Mission Teko Kavi facilitates learning, adaptation and transformation processes for the construction of living well for Bolivians. Vision TeKo Kavi is an organization with consolidated capabilities, prestige and social recognition, which gives it legitimacy for the facilitation of processes that effectively contribute to the construction of a more just, equitable, solidary and harmonious society.
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Company Offices

  • Bolivia
  • La Paz
  • Calle Vincenti No. 981