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  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO, Association
Ghana Friendship is in addition to a small professional secretariat in Aarhus run by volunteers. Volunteers can either participate in committees that for a number of years follow, support and inspire the various development activities in Nordghana or in more limited tasks such as information work, planning of exchange visits or public meetings. To manage and develop GV's development program in Nordghana, the association has a number of committees. The committees are elected each year at the general meeting (2017 report) and consist of 5-7 members covering a range of competencies that the projects can draw on. The task of the committees is to follow, inspire and support development work in Ghana first and foremost. The committees also have formal responsibility for managing program appropriations from Danida.  The presidency, together with the secretariat, carries out relations with partner boards in Ghana. The presidency carries out relations with Danida on behalf of the Board. You can read more about the distribution of tasks and responsibilities in the articles of association of the association.  The secretariat is responsible for the ongoing operation of both the association and the association's program / framework activities in Ghana. The secretariat reports to the association's board of directors in all matters not delegated to the secretariat. The secretariat serves the association's board and committee with presentations, settings and investigations. In relation to the association's programs / frameworks, the secretariat is responsible for M & E, Economy, HR in Ghana and partner capacity building. 

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