• Organization TypeWorks & Construction, Service Providers
  • Founded1995


Their activities include construction and renovation of engineering systems: Construction and renovation of water supply and sewage systems, using trenchless and conventional technologies, as well as construction of pump-houses; Horizontal controlled drilling; Installation of steel casings; Micro-tunneling, water treatment; Installation of „Larsen“ and „Berlin“ type slotted walls using vibrating technologies. Their vision – to lead in the field of engineering systems, using advanced technologies and ensuring highest quality. Their mission – to increase the value to their shareholders and develop the activity of their company, fairly fulfilling their obligations, developing long-term cooperation and offering mature solutions in the field of constructing. They develop a higher-quality environment for the business, society and people. Values Proficiency – they ensure high proficiency of the services they provide. They strive to master and apply the most up-to-date technologies in their activities, constantly improving the qualification of their employees. Responsibility and honesty – their goals are to timely provide high-quality services to their clients. They also seek for sustainable use of work tools and environment. Their ethical attitude is to rely on high moral principles, while communicating with their clients, developing a favorable working environment. Since 1995, applying trenchless technologies, they laid thousands of kilometers of engineering systems. They are the first and one of the greatest companies applying trenchless technologies in Lithuania – they construct and renovate pipelines since 1995. Their specialists are skilled and experienced in the field of application of modern technologies, mounting methods, design, project management, etc., therefore they perform the proceedings of any complexity. They own approximately 100 various mechanisms for objects of any complexity. They renew them every year. They apply their own (they own approximately 100 various mechanisms) and their partners’ (Latvian, Polish and Estonian) industrial and technical base. Apart from conventional equipment (generators, compressors, vibrating plates, etc.) we own the following non-standard mechanisms: 34 machines with hydraulic manipulators (capable of excavating trenches up to 7 m); various loading, cutting equipment; various generators, compressors, vibrating panels; equipment for laying of pipes applying trenchless technologies; „Grundoburst“ (Capacity - 120 t. Capable of drilling up to 600 mm diameter holes for pipes); Drilling machine „Vermeer 1420“ (Capacity 12 t.); Drilling machine „Ditch witch JT3020“ (Capacity 11,5 t.). They own the equipment featuring highest capacity in Lithuania. Every year they review and update their technical base. They constantly seek for new solutions, helping to ease their work and improve its quality. They use all their equipment for own needs, as well as offer it for rent. They invest to the most up-to-date technologies according to global trends. Every year they invest into the most modern equipment designed for construction and renovation of pipelines, introduce modern trenchless technologies, closely cooperate with their partners, applying modern and complex technologies: Pipe life Lietuva, Gairana, Industek, Hobas, Amiantit, Amitech, Chuanto musons, Markučiai, Wawin Baltic, Glynwed, KWH pipe Lietuva, Grundfos pumps, ECCUA etc. They only operate the very best equipment in the world. They cooperate with business organizations and actively participate in their activities. They are active members of Lithuanian Association of Trenchless Technology, Lithuanian Water Suppliers Association and International Society for Trenchless Technology. They guarantee the quality of their proceedings, environmental protection and safety of works. They guarantee the quality of their proceedings, applying quality management, as well as environmental protection and work safety management systems: In 2001, they introduced a quality management system ISO 9002:1994/LST EN ISO 9002:1995; In 2004, they renewed this system according to the standard ISO 9001:2000/LST EN ISO 9001:2001; In 2007, they introduced the ISO 14001 environmental protection and OHSAS 18001 work safety management systems. In 2010, they introduced SA 8000 social accountability standard.
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Company Offices

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  • Žirnių g. 12, LT-01220