HIDRO-KOP d.o.o.

"Hidro-kop" doo Company was founded in April 1990, as a construction company in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the aim of proving its work, respecting deadlines, quality and professionalism in the field of construction and design, to place itself top of the construction industry and encourage competition, to contribute to a more even development and achievement of a certain level of quality in the construction industry in general, higher productivity of young graduates of engineers, technicians and craftsmen, who are part of the company's team. The main activity of the company is construction work in the fields of civil engineering and hydro construction. They specialize in: construction and reconstruction of water supply systems; construction of hydraulic structures; construction and reconstruction of sewage systems; construction and reconstruction of telecommunications networks; construction and reconstruction of pipelines and pipelines, and installation of other pipe installations; landscaping (terracing of city squares, sidewalks, landscaping of sports grounds and the like); construction of roads; production and installation of all types of concrete and asphalt. Hidro-kop doo employs 150 workers and is staffed with professional staff holding relevant licenses. They have 14 engineers and a large number of construction technicians and other skilled workers. With various stimuli and awards, Hydro-Kop takes care of its own staff and constantly invests in their education. The company also holds licenses, as well as all construction machinery, equipment and facilities required to perform the aforementioned professionals. “Hydro-kop” is today a leader in the field of hydro construction, and many awards and awards testify to its successful business operations. By the Chamber of Commerce of Republika Srpska, they were named the most successful company in the field of construction in 2006. He was among the first in the Republika Srpska in 2000 to switch to business by world standards, and holds the ISO 9001: 2008 and IQNet 9001 certificates, which have been repeatedly revised and certified. " Mission and vision “Hydro-Kop's mission is to engage in the highest quality construction work by engaging in preparation for the challenges of the global marketplace. To adopt and apply new knowledge in the field of construction, create next-generation experts and strive to make quality knowledge and expertise available, then continuously invest in professional development, advancement of knowledge and education of associates, skills development and building new attitudes through internal education of all members of the company. as well as financing further studies of its associates, rewarding the work and dedication of the best and most deserving employees of the company. When it comes to vision, it aims to maintain and consolidate their position as leaders in the field of hydropower in the Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Social and corporate responsibility As a responsible and innovative company whose team is aware of responsibility towards themselves and others, they constantly strive to support their creativity and their capabilities with actions that will contribute to the community in which they will grow their business permanently. "Hydro-kop" is a company that fully recognizes the importance and necessity of socially responsible behavior and strives to achieve the position of a respected member of the social community to which it belongs by the overall ethics of its business. As a socially responsible company, Hydro-Kop has been active in the field of humanitarian donations and sponsorships for many years, which improve the quality of life of the community. Through sponsorship and donation activities, they strive to provide assistance and support to those who need them most - children and young people, numerous families, sports amateurs and professionals, health and scientific projects and projects important to the local communities where Hydro-kop operates. Their Corporate Social Responsibility was awarded in 2009 at the traditional event "Choosing the Most Successful in RS Economy", an award for winning first place for contributing to the development of social and corporate responsibility.
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Company Offices

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (headquarters)
  • Subotička 2c, Banja Luka