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Humanism and Democracy Foundation (H+D) - Fundacion Humanismo y Democracia



  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • HeadquartersSpain
  • Founded1977
The Humanism and Democracy Foundation, H + D, is a non-governmental non-profit organization serving a general interest . It works for the  eradication of poverty in the world , with a conception of development cooperation inspired by the values ​​of  freedom ,  democracy ,  tolerance  and  Christian humanism  of Western tradition. Most of its activity is carried out in Latin America , with projects underway in the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia . Other geographic regions of special consideration are Asia-Pacific (focusing on the Philippines ), the Mediterranean basin and Haiti . In previous years, it has also developed projects in about twenty countries on four continents. Mission, vision and values They collaborate in a more harmonious human development that helps to  alleviate endemic poverty  where there are no minimum conditions for survival worthy of people. They contribute their efforts to achieve greater institutional development in many countries, with a special interest in strengthening the democratic values ​​of good governance. H + D focuses on  integral development projects  and pays special attention to areas such as  education, health, housing and drinking water . As a general criterion, it offers a preferential approach in favor of  strengthening institutions  - both administrations and civil society - and in favor of equal opportunities and non-discrimination of persons, especially on the basis of sex. It also devotes special attention to migration, the integration of immigrants and the link between development cooperation and migration; as well as social awareness in all these areas. On April 2, 2017, the Board of Trustees of the Humanism and Democracy Foundation approved its formal relationship with the Popular Party , which has received, in recent years, an amount equivalent to 0.7% of the membership fees for projects of cooperation. This process that is implemented, implies for the future the expansion of our activities and field of action towards other areas; however, H + D will continue its social action activities in Spain, and development cooperation in the Philippines, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Bolivia and Peru, in the execution of projects benefiting millions of people and representing a continued commitment to the common good. Scope of action The Humanism and Democracy Foundation (H + D) focuses on integral rural development projects and basic social needs(education, health, water / sanitation). As a general criterion, it offers a preferential approach in favor of strengthening institutions , both public and private.  It also devotes special attention to migration, the integration of immigrants and the link between cooperation and development and migration ; as well as social awareness in all these areas. Objective of the Foundation H + D is a non-profit institution whose founding purposes as set forth in the current By-Laws are as follows: - The promotion, development, protection and promotion of studies and research on social , cultural and environmental issues. - The dissemination of such studies through publications and other means to promote effective actions. - The promotion of social services and activities , especially in favor of children; equal opportunities for women and men; young boys; old people; migrants and refugees; People with disabilities; and people in situations of social exclusion. - The International Cooperation , especially in developing countries. In general, any cultural activity tending to propagate objectives of common utility , inspired by Christian humanism and in accordance with what was foreseen in the previous sections.  

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