• Organization TypeDevelopment Consulting, Works & Construction
  • HeadquartersYemen
  • Founded1986


Hydro-Yemen is a Yemeni firm established in 1986 by a group of engineers with high aspiration to contribute to improving Yemen's current issues pertaining to agricultural development, water management, and environmental sustainability. Hydro-Yemen's experience provides expert multi-disciplinary services in Engineering, Agriculture, Water, and Environment. Areas of Expertise & Services Water and Environment Environment Natural resources management Biodiversity conservation Coastal resources management and marine conservation Community participation Public awareness and communications Chemical and environmental engineering Eco-tourism Environmental policy Environmental health Economics and finance Geographic information systems (GIS) Water Supply and Sanitation Groundwater assessment Surface water and development planning Development of groundwater wells for village water supply in isolated area Studies, design and construction of water storage structure and conveyance system Investigations of water supply for small cities Solid Waste Management Environmental assessments Socio-economic assessment Community participation development Hydro power, solar power, renewable energy, thermal solar power and desalinated water Engineering Civil Engineering HYDRO-YEMEN provides the civil engineering necessary to integrate projects into the local setting. Our design specialists evaluate all aspects of the physical environment to ensure the site, structure, and utilities are integrated to guarantee functional design. From grading and drainage to site utilities and traffic, our civil engineers have the knowledge and expertise to bring your ideas to fruition. Structural Engineering HYDRO-YEMEN’s structural engineering consultant provides comprehensive services for the planning and designing of structures. Our engineers offer comprehensive structural engineering experience in analysis, evaluation, inspection, repair, upgrade, design, and construction administration. Our structural engineers take pride in providing practical and cost effective design solutions that result in inventive and functional facilities. Our capabilities in seismic design and analysis of structures lend an invaluable expertise to projects located in areas susceptible to seismic events. Dams Engineering Dam Investigation Dam Design Dam Construction supervision Dam Safety Dam O&M Dam Monitoring Irrigation Engineering Feasibility studies, Financial analyses, Design, Construction supervision, Project management.   Agriculture Animal Production Animal Husbandry; Livestock Sector Analysis and Planning; Livestock Extension Planning; Health and Nutrition; Animal health and diseases control; Animal production and animal products processing; Intensive farms management; Dairy Farming and Milk Production; Dairy Cattle Feeding and Management; Agricultural Research and Extension Research Policies and planning; Extension and training; Community participatory research; Institutional strengthening and restructuring; Marketing Marketing information system; Institutional Development; Development of agricultural marketing; Domestic and Export Markets; Statistical and market; Market research and forecasting Marketing of food/agricultural products; Institutional Development Marketing information system; Institutional Development; Development of agricultural marketing; Domestic and Export Markets; Statistical and market; Market research and forecasting Marketing of food/agricultural products; Human Resources Development and Capacity Development Training needs assessment studies Develop comprehensive tailored training programs Assessment of training effectiveness Design and implementation of programs and projects to enhance individuals and organizations effectiveness   Integrated Rural Development Economic Development actions Community Development and community participation actions Environmental and Agri-environmental actions Infrastructure strengthening related actions   Project Management Integration: project plan development, execution, and change control Scope: initiation, planning, definition, verification, and change control Time: activity definition, sequencing, duration, and schedule development/control Cost: resource planning, cost estimating, budgeting, and cost control Quality: planning, assurance and control Human Resources: organization, recruitment, and development Communications: planning, information distribution, performance reporting, and administrative closure Risk Management: identification, qualification, response development, and response control Procurement: planning, solicitation, sourcing, contract administration, and close-out
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Company Offices

  • Yemen (headquarters)
  • Sanaa
  • P.O. Box 15193 Habrah, Zaid Street, Building No. 108 2nd Floor, Suite no. 3