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Originally Hydroprojekt was founded in 1951, as a state owned Central Office of Studies and Designs for Hydraulic Engineering "Hydroprojekt”. After privatization in 1992, employee-owned "Hydroprojekt Warszawa" Ltd was established. It took over the assets, rights, scope of activities, staff, and extensive archives of the leading centers in Warsaw and the Branches in Wloclawek and Sosnowiec. Finally, in May 2008 the company (back under the name “Hydroprojekt”) joined forces with the DHV Group - Consultancy and Engineering. The DHV Group is a global provider of consulting services and engineering in the field of transport (including aviation), construction, industry, urban planning, environment, and water sector. Currently the Group employs about 5,000 people worldwide and generates revenues of more than 400 million EUR. Over more than 60 years of its existence, Hydroprojekt has been the author of the majority of studies and designs for the most significant water engineering structures in Poland, as well as studies, plans and programmes of water management in the country.  Polish accession to the European Union created many new opportunities, but also imposed additional requirements. Environmental tasks, previously underestimated, have become a priority. Anticipating the upcoming trends, Hydroprojekt Ltd decided to meet the changing reality, and as one of the first design offices in Poland implemented the Integrated Quality and Environment Management System in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. It redirected development of the company to the activities related to environmental protection, such as flood protection, rehabilitation of degraded areas, sewage treatment and waste management. It also effected in an innovative approach to the designing of projects which are essential for social needs, but harmful to the environment. In order to reduce the negative impact of the project on the environment and to find the solutions that are most friendly to it, environmental aspects are examined repeatedly, beginning yet before the start of designing, and then at every stage of the design process. We try to strike a balance between social needs and environmental requirements and, where necessary and possible, restore the proper balance between man and nature.

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