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The ID2020 Alliance is a global partnership committed to improving lives through digital identity. This alliance of governments, NGOs and the private sector will work to ensure that the technology development is informed by the needs of countries and individuals and that policies and standards reflect the latest technological innovations.  By coordinating funding for identity and channeling those funds towards high-impact projects, this alliance model enables diverse stakeholders - UN agencies, NGOs, governments, and enterprises - to pursue a coordinated approach and creates a pathway for efficient implementation at scale. AN APPROACH THAT IS HOLISTIC, MARKET-BASED AND ADDRESSES THE FULL SCOPE AND SCALE OF THE CHALLENGE For digital identity to meet  the needs of governments, international organizations, businesses and individuals alike, it must be: Personal: unique to you and only you Persistent: lives with you from life to death Portable: accessible anywhere you happen to be Private: only you can give permission to use or view data To meet these criteria, an approach based on open standards and open API is critical, facilitating vendor neutrality, ensuring there’s room for continued innovation, and allowing an ecosystem to develop around a framework for technical interoperability. No government, country or organization can solve this challenge alone.  Meeting this global challenge requires both an examination of the technical architecture that supports interoperability across geographic and institutional borders, and a mechanism for coordination on non-technical topics. In particular, current funding made available for the implementation of identity projects worldwide often encourage siloed approaches, as illustrated in Malawi.

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