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  • Founded2007
IDT Biologika operates one of Europe's premiere integrated biological and pharmaceutical development and manufacturing facilities. We are a global supplier to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. With decades of experience developing our own products as well as those of pharmaceutical industry third parties, we understand the needs of our customers when it comes to responsiveness, state-of-the-art technology and integrated solutions. The company has experience in technically sophisticated projects, such as innovative biopharmaceuticals and lyophilized compounds. Highly integrated development and manufacturing services The company focuses on four core areas - animal health, human vaccines, pharmaceuticals and quality control: For veterinary markets, IDT Biologika develops, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of high-quality vaccines and other products for animal health. For vaccines, IDT Biologika offers development services and manufacturing facilities for clinical phase I to III as well as commercial supplies for leading edge viral and bacterial human vaccines. For pharmaceutical markets, IDT Biologika specializes in the development and manufacture of sterile liquid drugs, providing fully-integrated services ranging from formulation development and clinical manufacturing through to large-scale production, packaging and quality control. Our extensive biopharmaceutical quality control services are based on our own innovative research, development and manufacturing. These encompass everything from method development, method transfer, method validation, through to the performance of routine release testing under GMP conditions.   Expanding its international footprint IDT is rapidly expanding its international footprint. In March 2009 a U.S. subsidiary was established. This enables us to better support customers´ in the U.S. drug market and to develop closer working relationships with firms in North America. We continue to expand our capabilities, grow our workforce and we look forward to many more decades of innovation.   Business Activities Human Vaccines IDT develops technologies for many new and future-oriented human vaccines, such as vaccines against tuberculosis, AIDS, malaria and pox for our clients. Numerous viral and bacterial vaccines for prophylactic and therapeutic use are manufactured.   Animal Health In the business area of animal health we develop, manufacture and market high-quality veterinary vaccines and other products for animal health.    Pharmaceuticals The business area Pharmaceuticals specializes in the development and manufacture of liquid parenterals, as well as lyophilization. In this area, IDT is active as a contract manufacturer and possesses specific practical knowledge, experience and a committed customer service.   Biopharmaceutical Quality Control IDT offers a broad range of biopharmaceutical services for quality control based on own innovative research, development and manufacturing.     Research and Development The development of new veterinary vaccines is very demanding and requires not only basic, but also field research. We have developed a research network consisting of highly-regarded and competent universities and other institutions in Germany and abroad. Clinical Testing under Field Conditions At IDT itself, all the requirements have been implemented for the processing of viral and bacterial pathogens from cultivation through to molecular biological characterization, the development of test methods, as well as the establishment of effective manufacturing processes in the lab, and even further to scaled-up production. One workgroup deals with the clinical testing of newly developed vaccines under field conditions. Professional Advice Project groups are responsible for the development projects, to which the competence from all of IDT's divisions, from research & development, marketing and sales, quality control, to production, is brought to bear. This makes it possible for us to give highly knowledgeable and professional advice on using our vaccines in a manner oriented toward customer needs.  

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Contract Awards

Provision of Manufacturing and Characterization Services for Vaccines and Other Infectious Diseases (3)

United States Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS), National Institutes of Health (NIH) - United States
30 May 2018

Supply of rabies vaccine baits and aerial distribution for autumn 2016, spring 2017, autumn 2017 and spring 2018 vaccination campaigns, Montenegro

EC - Directorate General International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO - EuropeAid)
14 Feb 2017

Supply and Distribution of Rabies Vaccine Baits for Autumn 2016 and Spring 2017 Campaigns in Bosnia and Herzegovina

EC - Directorate General International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO - EuropeAid)
21 Jun 2016

Control and eradication of rabies — phase II

EC - Directorate General International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO - EuropeAid)
5 Apr 2016

Supply and aerial distribution of rabies vaccines

EC - Directorate General International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO - EuropeAid)
27 Jan 2014

IPA — Control and eradication of rabies — Albania

EC - Directorate General International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO - EuropeAid)
30 Oct 2013