• Organization TypeWorks & Construction
  • HeadquartersMontenegro
  • Founded2006

Indel Engineering

INDEL ENGINEERING is a private company founded in 2006 with the aim of developing into a successful company that will have a satisfied client for the mission. Today, INDEL ENGINEERING is a nationally recognized company engaged in the design and execution of geotechnical, geological, hydrogeological, hydro-technical and various construction works. During our many years of experience we can say with certainty that INDEL ENGINEERING has become a brand and synonymous with the mentioned works, which can be confirmed by our numerous clients. We are recognized as a company that is capable and technically capable of performing complex works in various fields. Designing and executing works in the field of geology, geotechnics and hydrogeology are works we have been dealing with since the foundation of the company. A team of educated, experienced engineers with extensive experience in similar or similar work is in charge of project design and monitoring of work execution. Our technical competence is reflected in the possession of different types of mechanization and responsible machinists who perform work tasks with precision and quality. From the mentioned area we derive in everything according to the laws and legislation of Montenegro: Geotechnical projects, studies and exploratory works: geotechnical research, interventions in the foundations of buildings (special foundations and soil reinforcements), supporting structures and protection of construction pits, embankments and earth (impounded) dams and ensuring the stability and protection of slopes of embankments and notches. Geomechanical projects, studies and exploratory works: Design of structural exploration wells with continuous core, drilling without mud, drilling with water, mud or air Hydrogeological projects, studies and exploratory works: hydrogeological research for the design and production of water sources, dams, water intakes, etc. Drilling of wells by different methods and equipping with hydraulic equipment Laboratory tests are performed in authorized and certified institutions for this type of work. INDEL ENGINEERING has developed and refined from the field of hydrotechnics to the client's need to perform turnkey works. The design and construction of pipelines under pressure and free fall is one of the most significant branches of INDEL ENGINEERING. We have knowledge and experience on works with different materials, from which we extract: PE, PVC, ductile pipes, various types of steel pipes and their alloys (made of stainless steel plumbing for the needs of the drinking water factory) and others. We have the equipment and machinery to install and connect pipes of different diameters. From polyethylene we carry out front joining works from the smallest diameters up to 800mm, and if there is economic and technical justification at the request of the investor and larger diameters. From the field of hydrotechnics we perform, in all according to the laws and legislation of Montenegro: Design and execution of works on external installations: water supply and sewerage facilities, pumping stations, water intakes, formation of springs, chlorine stations, irrigation systems, etc. Design and execution of works on internal installations: internal installations of water supply and sewerage, installation of sanitary facilities, maintenance of sanitary facilities, etc. Execution of wastewater treatment plants: installation of bio-purifiers, SBR systems, absorption pits and wells, etc. Design and execution of works in hydrology: monitoring of surface and groundwater levels (rivers, lakes, etc.), flow calculation, determination of duration curve, flow for a certain return period, balances and other hydrological calculations, production of hydrological bases. In addition to day-to-day operations in these areas, INDEL ENGINEERING has made specific projects in various fields: construction of artificial HDPE reservoirs and EPDM diaphragm, construction of a plant for capturing and combustion of biogas at the Mozura landfill in Bar, plant for capturing gas at a landfill in Podgorica, installation of biorefiner ) for wastewater treatment from the school in Nikšić, installation of irrigation system on 3.5 hectares surface, formation of 60 l / s source for thermo-technical installations at Atlas Capital Center, formation of sources for thermo-technical installations at HILTON and many others, remediation works land and many more…
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Company Offices

  • Montenegro (headquarters)
  • Podgorica
  • Vojvode Mirka Petrovića, lamela A, Stari Aerodrom 81000 Podgorica, Crna Gora