• Organization TypeImplementing NGO
  • HeadquartersIndonesia
  • Founded2011

Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (Lembaga Pengelola dana Pendidikan) (LPDP)

LPDP is committed to preparing future leaders and professionals and encouraging innovation for the realization of a prosperous, democratic, and just Indonesia. LPDP organizes a master / doctoral scholarship program for Indonesia's best sons and daughters, commercial / implementative research funding to encourage innovation, and rehabilitation of educational facilities damaged by natural disasters. HISTORY The 1945 Constitution mandates that at least twenty percent of the State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN) is for the education function. The Government and the Indonesian Parliament in 2010 through Law Number 2 of 2010 concerning the 2010 APBN-P agreed that some of the funds from the allocation of the education function fund in the APBN-P were made as the National Education Development Fund (DPPN) managed by an endowment management mechanism ( endowment fund ) by a Public Service Agency (BLU). In 2011, the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Education and Culture agreed that the management of the DPPN and the utilization of the results of the management of the funds would be carried out by the Ministry of Finance but the officials and employees were a combination of Ministry of Finance employees and Ministry of Education and Culture employees. The Minister of Finance through Regulation of the Minister of Finance (PMK) Number 252 / PMK.01 / 2011 dated December 28, 2011 established the Organization and Governance of the Education Fund Management Institution as a non-echelon institution that is directly responsible to the Minister of Finance and is guided by the policies determined by the LPDP Trustees Board (Minister of Education and Culture, Minister of Finance and Minister of Religion). Through the Decree of the Minister of Finance (KMK) Number 18 / KMK.05 / 2012 dated January 30, 2012, the LPDP was designated as a government agency implementing the financial patterns of Badana Public Services. VISION To be the best fund management institution at the regional level to prepare future leaders and encourage innovation for a prosperous, democratic and just Indonesia. MISSION Preparing Indonesia's future leaders and professionals through education funding. Encourage strategic and / or innovative research that is implementative and creates added value through research funding. Ensure the sustainability of education funding for the next generation through optimal management of education endowments. As a last resort, supporting the rehabilitation of educational facilities damaged by natural disasters through the management of education reserve funds. LPDP OBJECTIVES, FOCUS & PROGRAMS The Education Fund Management Institute directs all its efforts to produce future leaders who are scattered in various fields. The management of the education endowment fund aims to ensure the sustainability of the education program for future generations as an intergenerational responsibility. In addition, LPDP also aims to anticipate the need for rehabilitation of education damaged by disasters. LPDP focuses on developing the quality of human resources in various fields which support the acceleration of Indonesia's development. Some of the priorities that LPDP focuses on include; engineering, science, agriculture, law, economics, finance, medicine, religion, and socio-culture.
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Company Offices

  • Indonesia (headquarters)
  • Jakarta
  • Danadyaksa Cikini Building Jl. Cikini Raya No.91A-D