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Institut Deliverologi Indonesia

ABOUT THEM The vision of IDeA is to become a leading institution and leading movers in creating and driving the changes needed for the nation to be more prosperous and competitive. INTEGRITY Honesty and high integrity in every step of IDeA will produce and maintain the originality and objectivity of various thoughts and works based on facts in the field. IDeA's ideas, activities and work are not influenced by and have no political mission. IDeA does not favor the interests of certain individuals, institutions or countries. IDeA is in the public / community interest. INNOVATION Always prioritizing creativity and innovation in work is an absolute requirement for IDeA to always be relevant and in the forefront of its industry. Providing a different perspective and using new ways is the identity of IDeA in working with various stakeholders. IDeA encourages government actors to always experiment and dare to take risks to find new ways to better manage government and serve the public needs. ACHIEVEMENTS IDeA encourages that various designs, plans and programs are carried out and delivered well, provide optimal results and can be enjoyed by the government and the community. Therefore, every effort made is oriented towards the progress of achievements and the delivery of concrete and measurable results in the shortest possible time to support the government's main priorities and objectives. EMPOWERMENT IDeA is a platform for national talent to always hone and apply their knowledge and expertise in their respective fields in order to achieve the best work. Only through empowerment, IDeA can help provide freedom for individuals, community groups, institutions and countries to shape the desired future together more independently. RESPECT FOR HONOR In carrying out its initiatives and programs, IDeA always maintains respect and courtesy among individuals, institutions, and countries. As an institution that believes and fully supports the success of government programs by involving the community more, IDeA has a role in maintaining harmonious cooperation between the government and the public . Giving respect is the beginning for the creation of trust ( trust ) in working together.
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Company Offices

  • Indonesia (headquarters)
  • Menara Rajawali, Level 7-1, Jl. DR. Idea Anak Agung Gde Agung Kawasan Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta 12950