Institute of Development and Economic Analysis (IDEA)


  • Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • Staff26-50
  • HeadquartersIndonesia
  • Founded1995
The IDEA Association is an Indonesia civil society organization founded in 1995 to promote public policies that respect economic, social, and cultural rights through development planning and budget advocacy. While Indonesia has made significant progress in opening up democratic processes in the last decade, many marginalized or vulnerable communities have been left behind. IDEA gives a voice to these communities by empowering them to secure their rights through educational programs and advocacy training on national, regional, and local government budget policy. History Under the IDEA label, discussions on a limited or open scale are held. Academics, students, NGO activists and journalists are gradually getting used to the evolving discussions and discourses in IDEA that are critically, openly and sometimes experimental. Though publicly recognized as a seed for critical thinking, IDEA did not go through the first year with ease. In fact, the following year, IDEA activists who at the time of its establishment were still students, one by one out of Yogyakarta to work after college. The organizational pulse slows. However, thanks to the presence of a younger generation of activists the pulse was persisted. In 1998, to coincide with the political upheaval in Indonesia, a new generation of IDEA activists engaged in political activities on the streets demanding a fundamental change in the democratic foundations of Indonesia. At the same time, the background of student activists in the IDEA community is increasingly diverse; economics, political science, and geography. In 1998 and IDEA activity gradually shifted from discussions and struggles of thought to more tangible actions, leaving no character of his thoughts. The issues that IDEA concerns are also increasingly focused; namely the issue of handling corruption and state finance policy. Along with the selection of the focus, IDEA's broader association both within NGOs and funding agencies often requires legality. To facilitate contact with external parties, it is not easy for IDEA to survive in its status as one of the wings of the Merdeka Foundation. Thus, after a telephone discussion with the founders of the Merdeka Foundation, Agam Fatchurrochman, Dati Fatimah, Deddy Heriyanto, Revrisond Baswir and Wahyu W. Basjir listed IDEA in the notary to obtain foundation legal entities in 1999. This decision was taken with the consideration of the Foundation umbrella institution Merdeka since its establishment has never been de facto working while the IDEA name is much better known. Despite already having their own legal entity, IDEA's growth requires various adjustments because the various pillars and institutional bases are not yet perfect. Under such conditions, IDEA's activities and programs continue to be manageable, but various obstacles cause many things not to be done immediately. Until the agreement came to make IDEA more flexible and open with sufficient democratic decision-making pillars. Thus, IDEA's legal entity status changed from foundation to association under the name IDEA Association (Institute for Development and Economic Analysis). The change includes also the replacement of the preposition of by for providing a more active character to the IDEA acronym's abbreviation.

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