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International Justice Mission (IJM)

Overview International Justice Mission is a global organization that protects people in poverty from violence. IJM partners with local authorities in 21 program offices in 13 countries to combat slavery, violence against women and children, and other forms of abuse against people who are poor. IJM works to rescue and restore victims, hold perpetrators accountable, and help strengthen public justice systems. Learn more at IJM.org. Vision IJM’s vision is to rescue millions, protect half a billion and make justice for people who are poor unstoppable. Their Work The Problem: Everyday Violence  The threat of violence is part of everyday life for people who are poor. It’s as much a part of poverty as hunger, disease or homelessness. This is not the violence of war or genocide, but common, criminal violence that is already against the law—crimes like slavery, violence against women and children and police abuse of power. In many communities, criminals expect no consequences for these crimes. Laws are not effectively enforced, so they continue to enslave and abuse people who are poor. People in poverty are uniquely vulnerable to this violence, because while their wealthier neighbors can pay for security and safety, they cannot Their Solution: In the face of this abuse, IJM and their partners protect people in poverty from violence. They collaborate with local authorities to build communities where all people can expect to be safe and protected. IJM and Their Partners: Strengthen Justice Systems IJM collaborates with justice systems and community leaders to respond effectively to violence. Together, they design improvements that serve survivors, deter criminals and dramatically decrease violence. Rescue and Restore Victims IJM partners with local authorities to rescue individual victims of violence and restore survivors to safety and stability. Bring Criminals to Justice IJM works alongside justice system officials to ensure that criminals are held accountable, stopping the cycle of violence and deterring others from abusing vulnerable people. Scale Demand for Protection IJM convenes and equip champions to advocate for protection as an essential and tangible future for everyone. IJM’s Community Protection Model They don’t stop at rescuing people who have been abused. Their goal is to prevent the violence from happening in the first place. That’s why IJM collaborates with partners to serve individual survivors of violence—and then pursue sustainable improvements in the justice system to protect others. Phase I: Casework IJM and their partners begin by pursuing justice in individual cases of violence, collaborating with local authorities to: - Investigate violence and relieve victims from abuse. - Hold criminals accountable for their crimes in court. - Serve survivors through aftercare programs and support them through the legal process. Phase II: Sustainable Protection Building on their relationships with local officials and experience guiding cases through the justice system, IJM and their partners collaborate with local authorities to: - Strengthen their capacity to proactively identify violence and enforce laws. - Move cases through the legal process more efficiently and effectively. - Ensure justice systems and social services serve survivors of trauma with sensitivity and are shaped by survivors’ experiences. As justice systems serve survivors and hold criminals accountable, potential perpetrators realize they cannot abuse and exploit people without consequence—creating a powerful deterrent effect. Violence decreases dramatically, and vulnerable people are protected in places where violence was once common. When the justice system begins to function effectively on its own, IJM and their partners take on less and less casework, ensuring sustainable and lasting transformation. Careers  They are a global team of lawyers, social workers, community activists and other professionals in 27 offices across 19 countries who share in the mission of protecting people in poverty from violence. 
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