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Jordanian Society for the Desertification Control and Badia Development (JSDCBD)



  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • HeadquartersJordan
  • Founded1990
JSDCBD was established in May. 1990, based on the recommendation the permanent committee for desertification control adopted by the league of Arab countries, JSDCBD is a non-profit, non-government society, specialized in studies and researches related to desertification phenomenon and the suggested solutions. Also prepare cultural and informative enlightenment programs and work on serious participation for the growth and development of Badia via executing projects. Mission 1. To identify desertification problems, causes, and impact. 2. To protect natural plants cover to establish the environmental balance. 3. To elevate the public awareness for maintaining and protecting the natural environment. 4. To encourage water harvesting projects (gathering rainwater) and the use of treated wastewater, necessary for developing the Badia and control desertification. Objectives 1. Put an end for desertification resulted from retrogression of natural plants cover, and protect agricultural lands from the danger of desertification and its causes. 2. Study reasons leading for the desertification acknowledge the degree of desertification effects in Jordan, and determine the suitable scientific solutions to achieve the objectives of JSDCBD as mentioned in item. 3. Protect agricultural lands from the danger of desertification, search for the best suitable solutions towards the idea usage of surface water, and put an end for retrogression of natural plans cover. 4. Develop the production ability of grazing through proliferation and protection of grazing plants through the availability of forested nurseries cooperation with the Gove's and the private sector. 5. Draw a national plan to employee various national efforts, i.e. Pupil's students and Jordanian forces aims to plant the protected lands of Jordan from desertification. 6. Increase public awareness of the danger of incorrect practices which accelerate the desertification through available media envious levels of schools curriculums to bring the attention of students towards the importance of protecting environment by protecting the trees. 7. Protect wild life including plants and animals from the danger of desertification and maintaining the environmental balance. 8. Participation in the improvement and development of local environment of the Jordanian Badia, by developing grazing areas and increasing the animal wealth. 9. Using treated waste water in planting trees and desertification control. 10. Utilizing from closed dumps areas by planting trees and plants, and make them suitable for public parks and gardens. 11. Issue leaflets, studies, researches, hold meeting and conferences about the control of desertification.  12. Cooperate with local, regional, and international institutions specialized in environment protection, to achieve JSDCBD objectives and goals. 13. JSDCBD has no political objectives. Society membership in the local and international organizations for the environment protection and desertification control. 1. Member in the higher council for environment protection 2. Member in the NGO`s national committee related to the international union for conservation of nature IUCN 3. Member in the Arab NGO net work for environment and development. Cairo –Egypt. 4. Member in the international union for conservation of nature IUCN 5. Member in the RIOD network. 6. A focal point for the society for conservation & protection of environment SCOPE. 7. Member in the society for Jordanian libraries Amman, Jordan. 8. Member in the Mediterranean information office for environment, culture and sustainable development MIO. The society committee: - general assembly (GA): Consisted of all the active members who have paid the fees. - Administrative committee: The AC consists of all members, selected by the GA for two years effective the date of elections.

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