KJKP Vodovod i kanalizacije d.o.o Sarajevo (VIKSA)

  The project for the construction of an integrated information system, which encompasses activities from all vital segments of the enterprise, was completed during 1998 and in January 1999 was fully put into operation. The project was largely financed by a grant from the Finnish Government and partly by its own investment. The donation was realized through two phases, ie. two contracts with OPTIMA-OR from Sarajevo as the contractor for the entire project. The whole project included: 1. Procurement and installation of HW equipment In all the services at each of our locations, two SERVER machines with two processors under OS SCO UNIX, which are located at two locations in ul. Jaroslav Czerny and ul. Theresa. The server machines are strong enough to accept the attachment of up to 100 workstations in the J. Cherni site and up to 80 workstations in the Teresa area to work in client / server architecture on applications under the ORACLE database. 2. Communication equipment for:     a / LAN at each location, each with complete cabling for passive equipment for a longer period of our needs that will allow for speeds     transmissions up to 100 Mbs, so eventual switching to Fast Ethernet will not require a cable system change.     b / WAN connecting all our locations: Jaroslav Černi, Teresa, Azize Šaćirbegović, PS Center, Paromlinska and two remote warehouses. Connecting LANs     it was done using leased PTT lines and the buildings inside the Jaroslav Černi site were connected by an optical cable. It is important that in the LAN project by locations and the total WAN, we did not remain closed with existing capacities, but the possibilities of further upgrading with minimal investment were opened. This gave us the ideal platform for the construction of an integrated information system because we provided communication with all the sites that are part of KJKP "ViK". 3. Development of application software: Through application solutions, we have covered a large part of the work in the company, especially at the locations Teresa (financial and economic affairs) and Jaroslav Černi (calibration, water meters, collection) and through the availability of all information to management structures. The entire application software is built with ORACLE RDBMS tools in the WINDOWS environment and is installed on two SERVER machines, depending on the jobs they cover:     - Applications in the field of financial and economic affairs cover jobs that complete the monitoring of cash flows, goods and services. Part of these       the application, which covers the warehousing business, is installed on the PCs in the Briješće and Pillar warehouses and communicates with the base via modem       material business at SERVER in Theresa;     - water consumption calculation application with all modules that make it, is installed on SERVER at J.ČERNIJA site and communicates directly with       base on another SERVER. This database is intended for use by all concerned with the financial and natural indicators of water consumption. All users who have permission to work with these applications, regardless of their location, have direct access to this database, whether they search or update it. The application is designed to functionally round off specific groups of jobs: measuring and reading water consumption, water meter records and calibration, and charging water consumption and charges. This specific application software is made according to our project requirements and with the participation of our employees in a joint team in the design of the entire project. It covers a wide range of business operations and enables the use of it to connect all sites that are part of the VIK. What needs to be emphasized has already been accomplished: linking this database to the Geographic Information System (GIS) database, which we mostly develop ourselves. Given that the daily creation of a large number of different transactions entered 2001 with about 10,000,000 different types of records, we had to take special care in archiving the data. This resulted in the creation of a new data archiving module and the purchase of two new extremely powerful server machines, which are designated for transaction servers. We left the old server machines for archival databases. The consequence of this project is the transition to the new OS NT 2000 on all four servers, leaving OS SCO UNIX. We have also upgraded the database from Oracle7.3 to Oracle 9i. We can proudly point out that our company now has an information system on which many developed countries can envy us. We have more than 160 PC workstations in all of our locations that are connected to the network, giving us the ability to communicate with each other installed PC workstations, either through work on applications in use or at the E-mail level. We have developed and are already using the INTRANET service for the flow of information of internal importance to the enterprise in the local computer network. Its main purpose is to make information of common importance available to all employed workers in Preduz
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