Profile ​Lanaco Information Technologies, established in 1990 with the head office in Banja Luka, is the largest private company in the field of information technology in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The part of Lanaco Company is also Inecco, the first commercial Internet service provider in Bosnia and Herzegovina, established in 1997. Currently, the company has over 280 employees, with great number of graduated engineers and economists. By constant training, education and specialization of their employees, they have created a team of specialists and experts who provide a guarantee for the successful implementation of projects in the IT field. In addition, Lanaco is the largest software company in the country. Primarily, they are focused in producing large software solutions for government, health care system, public utility companies and general business. Other interesting fact about us is that they also deal with system integration, i.e. they integrate various hardware and software components in a single system. Moreover, Lanaco provides IT solutions by recognizing and fulfilling the needs and requests of clients for information technology and telecommunications services, through design, implementation and development of complex integrated systems and applicative solutions. The distinctiveness of their company lies in focus on users who cannot find a finished product or service that would meet their business needs or internal organisation. Such users often have a problem to find a reliable partner because those kinds of projects, apart from high level of expertise, require the company’s stability and the ability to finance large projects. Lanaco, in particular, is able to meet all of these criteria. The aim of their business is to provide professional and comprehensive services to their clients in order to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. By setting high standards in their business operations, they have built their reputation in the market. Consequently, their reference list includes over 1,500 companies, banks, and governmental, non-governmental and international institutions today. The services that they offer They develop software solutions that enable management of the large number of data, high reliability, modularity and simultaneity of the great number of users  They are specialized in planning, designing, development, constructing, supervising and maintaining of data centres, computer and server  rooms They implement and assimilate the technologies of the future, for accomplishing technical preconditions for establishing new business solutions of a client, the upgrade of new advanced services, with maximum saving of the client  They offer education services of various levels and areas, for utilization of established solutions or for the development and implementation of their own solutions. They deliver standardized trainings recommended by the leading IT companies, but also accommodated trainings, through various formats and programs.

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  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (headquarters)
  • Banja Luka
  • Veljka Mlađenovića bb, 78 000 Banja Luka