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  • Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • Staff26-50
  • HeadquartersUnited Kingdom
  • Founded2009
LITC is a pioneering NGO mobilising the power of Sport to empower their local Communities. LITC offers International Youth projects, Volunteering, Skills development and Apprenticeships in a range of dynamic training qualifications. Mission Statement: By utilising their One-Stop-Shop model, LITC aims to provide extensive social support, encourage community engagement, provide work-based training opportunities, develop individuals’ skills, increase users’ employability and career aspirations, establish inter-organisational partnerships for the good of communities and make a real difference to individuals’ lives especially those from significantly deprived communities and regions. LITC is dedicated towards engaging young people from all backgrounds and encouraging them to positively contribute to their local and global communities. LITC’s services are designed to revolve around their user’s needs. In order to ensure every user receives the full support they require, LITC’s team has identified five key commitments to the communities they work with. Keys to Success Wrap-around support: Every user LITC works with can access a full wrap-around service through their One-Stop-Shop. LITC’s One-Stop-Shop ensures all their services are user orientated. LITC strives to provide services of superior quality, ensuring they meet their users’ expectations. Innovative working: LITC makes a difference to all their customers and communities they work with through innovative working. Working outside the box, LITC’s staff see what their users can do and not what they cannot do and assist them to achieve their goals. LITC encourages thier staff to think innovatively and to bring their ideas to improve performance and customer service. Integrity: LITC is an organisation of integrity. LITC demands openness and honesty by all their staff to ensure trust from their users. LITC respects the diversity of all their customers and demonstrates flexibility in their approach to recognise the individuals in the local communities they serve. Quality Service: LITC aspires to provide a bespoke and quality service to all users and partners they work with. Extensive assessments, information, advice and guidance and action planning, ensure all customers receive the intensive support they need to break down personal and social barriers. Performance: LITC believes in providing a performance driven service. Continuous performance improvement is the foundation of their organisation, benefiting users, partners and communities. Objectives -To offer a support service on Employment; Skills; Training; Welfare Benefits; Housing etc., to assist communities to make their own decisions and participate in their society and economy. -To offer free IAG services to a support service on Employment; Skills; Training; Welfare Benefits; Housing; In-Work Support. -Through work-based skills, apprenticeships and employability training, LITC assists individuals to develop new skills and gain the qualifications that Employers want from their workforce, ensuring long term employment. -To offer volunteering, citizenship and community engagement programmes to their communities promoting civic participation and responsibility. -Offer free Adapted Sport programmes on a local level for young people promoting Sport participation and wellbeing. -Offer free Youth Transnational programmes to young people in the shape of Youth Exchanges and European Voluntary Programmes in different countries to learn about different cultures, communities and reduce conflict and xenophobia within societies -To provide a job matching service between individuals and employers, incorporating sustained in-work support  

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