Maggin Development Consultancy Group (MDCG)


  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO
  • Staff26-50
  • Founded2012
MDCG was founded by a group of 13 like-minded individuals who share common vision and aspirations for a peaceful and modern Myanmar. The renewed fighting in Kachin State in 2011/2012 and the slow response by the international community brought the group - back then many of them were simply private donors - together in an effort to join forces to alleviate the suffering caused to the thousands of innocent civilians affected by the conflict. The diverse background and wide-range of technical expertise of the core group has provided MDCG with a unique multi-ethnic and multi-sectoral make-up and a sound programming foundation. Most members of the founding group and the current staff have years of experience working in humanitarian and development programs in rural Myanmar at grass-roots level. Their work and program conception are guided by humanitarian principles, rights based approach, international norms and standards, and well adapted to local context and culture. MDCG staff comprises of a well-balanced pool of experienced social workers with community development experiences from several years of working with INGOs and/or LNGOs, and retired persons of government departments with extensive networks and financial management skills. The diversity and strong professional competences of staff has helped MDCG to gain momentum and to transition from a low profile CBO to a full profile NGO. While saving lives and alleviating immediate suffering are first priority of MDCG intervention, MDCG recognizes the urgent need for more advanced and sustainable development in remote villages, especially in ethnic minority areas that have been neglected for so many decades. So, to achieve highest impact of recovery, MDCG aims to accompany all relief efforts with livelihoods and infrastructure rehabilitation in integrated fashion. MDCG staff is dedicated to help people in these remote areas and challenging environments and therefore are principally based in the field. Similar to CBOs, MDCG field staff work through community networks (women’s associations, volunteer groups, VDC, etc) to strengthen their capacity and community ownership of the project. Community participation and contribution play an integral element in MDCG conception and implementation of projects. Vision All people in Myanmar live together in a peaceful, secure and safe environment. Mission To create opportunities for all communities to be able to undertake cultivation, livestock and other livelihood related occupation in safe and secure environment. Objectives - To provide basic infrastructures to support community development and rehabilitation - To save provide basic technical training and other inputs of cultivation, livestock and other small domestics business at the grassroots level for income generation. - To improve water and sanitation in rural and most vulnerable community - To improve safety and security of conflict affected community through Emergency Mine Risk Education training and Mine awareness Workshop. - To clear the landmines and ERWs in contaminated area to enhance safe access to land market for sustainable development. Mandate of MDCG MDCG works closely with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, the Peace Center / National Mine Action center, Ministry of Border Affairs, Ministry of Defense, and coordinates its activities with relevant national and international humanitarian actors at ther regional level. In addition, MDCD is member of the Food Security Working Group, WASH Thematic Working Group and the national Mine Risk Education Working Group. MDCG is specialized in providing relief and early recovery assistance to natural disaster and conflict affected communities in ethnic areas and support them in longerterm recovery and rehabilitation. The sectors range from emergency shelter construction and NFI distribution to rehabilitation of community assets and agriculture to improved WASH and alternative livelihoods. More recently, MDCG has acquired expertise in Mine Risk Education and is committed to provide support to communities whose safety, security and livelihoods are at risk as result of the threat posted by landmines and ERW.

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