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The Medtronic Foundation partners to improve health for underserved populations, as well as supports communities where Medtronic employees live and give. Far too often, quality healthcare is out of reach to underserved communities, where populations are disproportionately affected by chronic disease and face limited resources to address acute conditions. The Medtronic Foundation is working to deliver the promise of improved healthcare through sustainable programs and partnerships that support community health workers and strengthen health systems. The Medtronic Foundation drives lasting impact through the support of highly engaged nonprofit partners who share its commitment to responding to local needs and by harnessing the ingenuity of Medtronic employees globally. Using data-drivingtools and methodology, it selects partners that deliver scalable solutions and measurable outcomes, while learning together. Global Health: Improving Care for Underserved Populations From the small cities of Brazil to rural Minnesota, community health workers (CHWs)are playing a pivotal role in improving health outcomes. Alongside its partners, the Medtronic Foundation harnesses the potential of CHWs to achieve better outcomes and empower patients, while strengthening chronic disease and acute care models, especially in the areas of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Across multiple countries, it has trained more than 3500 community health workers. In India, its innovative programs are helping more patients recognize symptoms of a heart attack or cardiac arrest sooner and seek care more quickly, saving lives. In rural Minnesota, more people are achieving their blood pressure and blood sugar targets with the help of CHWs, who recognize and help patients overcome the challenges that are preventing them from achieving their health goals. And in Tanzania, more people at risk of rheumatic heart disease are getting screened and recognizing the symptoms of strep throat and rheumatic fever early with the help of frontline health workers. Civic Engagement: Powering the Philanthropic Passions of Medtronic Employees Whether they’re delivering meals to elderly, reading to students online, building houses for the homeless or helping a nonprofit develop a pathway to scale, Medtronic employees give back to their communities in a variety of ways. The Medtronic Foundation powers these opportunities for employees and retirees through volunteer resources, connections to nonprofits and grants that extend the impact. Opportunities span the entire spectrum of employee volunteerism, from hands-on volunteering, to virtual opportunities, to skills-based service. The Medtronic Foundation also matches Medtronic employee donations, provides community grants and pairs volunteerism with strategic financing in a stacked-resources approach to create more responsive and sustainable solutions to local challenges.
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Staff at Medtronic Foundation have experience in


  • reproductive health
  • systems
  • health systems
  • tertiary education
  • monitoring / evaluation


  • india
  • worldwide
  • south africa
  • tanzania
  • bolivia


  • managerial experience
  • business development
  • experience in recruitment
  • international experience
  • with experience in conflict areas

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