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MHCinternational Ltd (MHCi) is a social enterprise whose main aim is to promote social, economic and environmental development using the services of the private sector.  Its profits are aimed at furthering these goals through research and advisory services. Research, training and advisory services are offered by our team of experts in two strategic areas: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability and on the impact that our strategic business tools will have on making your organisation more sustainable.   Sustainable international development in emerging economies – MHCi has worked in over 120 countries on CSR, Development, Evaluations, Impact Analysis, PPP, Employment generation, Labour Markets, Skills analysis and humanitarian development. CSR SERVICES   Audit or check out your company on its actual CSR situation and give clear guidelines for the next steps using our experience and best practice   Advise you clearly on what steps you can take to increase your CSR involvement as part of your continuing business strategy, help you embed this in your organisation and guide you through the maze of international CSR (and related) instruments;   Measure the effectiveness of your CSR activities   Write CSR reports for you as part of your marketing and PR activities   Make presentations / key note speeches on CSR or help you design and deliver your own;   Run seminars on CSR   Train in CSR at all levels of your company from your newest recruit to seasoned executive and help you devise an appropriate set of values and code of ethics   Focus on particular aspects of CSR such as development, finance, the law, the media, SMEs, sport and sustainable tourism so have a wide range of business experience   Provide flexible CSR solutions that fit your company. SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES International Development CSR and Development. MHC International Ltd advises corporations on their links with developing countries - sustainable development strategies, local level development, development instead of philanthropy. Development of Non-oil sectors. (Turning Black Gold Into Human Gold) MHC International Ltd has helped Azerbaijan develop its non-oil sector in a project known as 'converting black gold to human gold'. Human Resource Development Strategies. The development of human capital is crucial to development in all countries. MHC International Ltd has helped Governments evaluate alternative investment strategies in Colombia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Bolivia, Chile, Egypt, Kenya and South Africa. MHCi has also innovated the concept of intellectual capital in the Arab Region for UNDP and is currently developing a strategy of Job Futures for the Arab Region. Humanitarian Issues. MHCi has helped countries develop strategies to deal with post-conflict situations. Studies have been carried out with the United Nations for the Governments of South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Uzbekistan, Yemen. Labour market analysis and skill assessment has helped countries develop strategies to deal with the twin problems of unemployment and underemployment. Leading to major reports on skill development for the future. Studies have been carried out for the Governments of Azerbaijan, China, Colombia, Tunisia, Egypt, Malaysia, Qatar and South Africa. Poverty Alleviation is a key concern of many agencies with whom MHCi has worked (World Bank, ILO, UNDP, AsDB) in all the main continents - Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe, Oceania. Strategic analysis has been carried out for Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Cote d'Ivoire, Somalia, Honduras, Colombia, Kenya, Uganda, Nepal, Philippines, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Ecuador, Brazil, Surinam. Social Funds evaluation and development have been carried out with high praise for the work done on Chile's Social Fund FOSIS An evaluation of Egypt's social fund was not, initially, without controversy given its huge size ($US1 billion), but the team's work subsequently proved accurate. This emphasises MHCInternational's commitment to socially responsible and independent advice. Monitoring and Evaluation has been carried out for ILO's major employment creation programme using labour intensive techniques. Subsequently, MHC International was invited to evaluate ILO's Child Labour programme (IPEC). In addition major evaluations have been carried out of all the United Nations Development Programme's (UNDP) activities in selected countries - Uganda, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Honduras. Food for work evaluation and appraisal studies have been carried out for the World Food Programme in Jordan, Costa Rica, Madagascar, and Bolivia. Labour market and education information systems have been, or are currently being, developed for Egypt, Barbados, St. Lucia, Surinam, China and Vietnam with finance from either the UNDP, ILO, World Bank or the European Community. Social indicator development work has been accomplished for SIAP - the Asian Statistical Agency, and social indicator priorities were developed for the Jordan Department of Statistics. Vocational education and training analyses to support the labour market have been carried out in Malaysia, Tunisia and Vietnam for the World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank. Human development. MHCInternational has been retained on numerous occasions to shape, write and evaluate UNDP's prestigious Human Development Report. We have also helped in formulating reports for Egypt, Colombia, Tunisia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Morocco and Somalia. Human rights and development is a rapidly growing area. MHCi has produced a report on human rights for UNDP that covers the 50 or so countries in the Central and Eastern European Regions. MHCi is now offering services in this area to corporations. Survey Analysis to assess future training needs in Vietnam and the design of questionnaires was carried out for the Vietnamese Government in 1999, supported by the Asian Development Bank. Labour Market Survey managed by MHCi for Azerbaijan. Survey of post-conflict soldiers in Ethiopia for EU. Regional marketing helps companies and institutions set up in the Gulf. Humanitarian Activities include:  -Applying CSR ideas to peace-building activities in conflict and post-conflict situations -Advocating for engagementof private sector actors in conflict prevention strategies  -Evaluating humanitarian interventions, impact of  migration on host countries, development programs, human rights and gender issues  

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