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Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEA-Angola)

Ministry of Energy and Waters ORGANIZATION, MANAGEMENT AND OPERATION OF SERVICES Presidential Decree 116/14 of 30 May approving the Organic Statute of the Ministry of Energy and Water defines the Ministry as an Auxiliary Ministerial Department of the President of the Republic and of the Executive Branch. propose the formulation, conduct, execution and control of the Executive's policy in the fields of energy and water. The Ministry of Energy and Water, is located at Rua Cónego Manuel das Neves nº 234. 1.1. Directorate of the Ministry The Ministry of Energy and Water is headed by His Excellency João Baptista Borges, appointed Minister by Presidential Decree No. 200/12, of October 1st. In the performance of his duties, he is assisted by Messrs. Joaquim Ventura and Luís Filipe da Silva, appointed Secretary of State for Energy and Secretary of State for Water, respectively, by Presidential Decree No. 209/12 of 12 October. 1.2. Tasks The Ministry of Energy and Water has the following attributions: a) - Propose and promote the execution of the policy to be pursued by the energy and water sectors; b) - Establish strategies, promote and coordinate the use and rational use of energy and water resources, ensuring their sustainable development; c) To elaborate, within the general planning of the economic and social development of the Country, the sectorial plans related to its areas of action; d) Propose and promote the national policy of electrification, the general use of water resources, their protection and conservation, as well as the policy of water supply and sanitation of waste water; e) - Promote research activities with repercussion in the respective areas of action; f) Propose and produce legislation that establishes the legal and legal framework of the activity in the energy, water and wastewater sanitation sectors; g) Propose the institutional model to carry out the activities of production, transportation, distribution and commercialization of electric energy and promote its implementation; h) Propose the institutional model to carry out the activities of abstraction, adduction, transport, distribution and commercialization of drinking water in the areas of water and wastewater sanitation and promote its implementation; i) Define, promote and guarantee the quality of the public service in its area of ​​operation; j) - Licensing, supervising and inspecting the operation of services and installations in the energy sector; k) - Licensing, inspecting and inspecting hydraulic and water supply and sanitation systems; l) - Promote international exchange and cooperation in its area of ​​action; (m) - promote the development of human resources in the fields of energy, water and sanitation; n) - To collaborate with the Local State Administration in the elaboration and implementation of electrification programs, water supply and support to rural development, peri-urban and urban areas; o) - Perform all other attributions that are assigned by law or by higher determination.
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