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  • Organization TypeGovernment
  • Founded1320

Ministry of Health and Medical Education (Iran)

Structure and Organization: Until 1320, the Ministry of Internal Affairs was in charge of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Under Section 3 of the Budget Reform Act of 1320, which was approved by the National Assembly on November 8, that year, the Office of the Chief Medical Officer became the Ministry of Health Mission : Providing health care to all people of the country through the extension and expansion of health, medical and educational services. Targets : A) Health: Improving the level of health services in the country Developing measures to prevent physical and mental disabilities Increasing the services available in the national health network system Expansion and intensification of hygiene control of public places and centers for the preparation, distribution, sale and storage of foodstuffs Development of environmental health operations in villages Developing activities related to the provision of safe drinking water in the villages Development of dental services in urban and rural areas Improving nutrition for pregnant mothers and lactating women and controlling the growth of children Improving the nutritional quality of the country B) Treatment: Increasing access to health care for the community Adaptation to the levels of public, specialized and sub-specialist treatment services in the country Avoid overdose Providing for the promotion of the scientific level and expertise of physicians and the retraining of the medical community Increase the efficiency of dairy centers and make optimal use of human resources and capacities Providing non-governmental sector participation and investment in investments C) Medical education and research: Strengthening students' cultural aspects and deepening their religious knowledge and Islamic values Increase public participation in education and research development Adaptation of curriculum content of different disciplines to community needs and requirements arising from development of science and technology Improvement of qualitative and quantitative indicators of education especially in postgraduate education Provide equal opportunities for access to training for talented candidates Development of the duties and powers of the trustees of universities and government educational and research institutes Incorporate education with research at all levels of education Improving qualitative and quantitative research indicators
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