Ministry of Transport and Aviation (Sierra Leone)

The Ministry provides overall policy initiation, direction and regulation for the Transport Sector in Sierra Leone. MANDATE:  1. Creates an integrated and safe transportation network that incorporates all modes of transportation that reflect regional priorities, and provides a strong foundation for economic growth. 2. Maintain and improve the provincial highway system by ensuring safe, affordable and efficient movement of people and goods provincially, nationally and internationally.  MISSION:  The Ministry of Transport and Aviation’s mission is to develop policies and provide policy guidelines for delivery of safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable Maritime, Land transportation and aviation systems throughout Sierra Leone.  VISION:  The transport Ministry seeks to promote the well being of quality transport and effective road networks. The transport Ministry also ensures that people have access to well functioning safe and reasonable priced transportation system.
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Company Offices

  • Sierra Leone (headquarters)
  • Freetown
  • 7th Floor, Youyi Building