Ministry of Urban Planning and Housing (Ministère l’Urbanisme et Habitat) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

The major axes of the Ministry of Urban Planning and Housing   CONGOLESE URBAN SURFACE Reduce, if not zeronise, the characteristic spectacle of desolation that the Congolese urban surface offers, since the latter accuses a totally unconscious rejection of the norms of land use and urban planning considerations, which deteriorates the living conditions in our city and creates a lack of infrastructure. basic, local, sociocommunity equipment, etc .; TERRITORY DEVELOPMENT In the formulation of a national policy for innovative spatial planning and its implementation after consultation with provincial structures. LAND EXPLOITATION Relaying this policy to public opinion to stop at all costs anarchy in urban land use, to stop social degradation and halt the deterioration of the physical environment of the Congolese urban fabric; URBAN GOVERNANCE To the revitalization of urban governance and the improvement of the living environment of the existing which are new challenges to this, it would be useful to take into account, in the development of the related strategies, the population component as a key component, whose collaboration quickly achieves a minimum level of compliance with the standards of human settlements required. DECENTRALIZATION AND DECONCENTRATION Finally, the need for ongoing consultation with the local authority to initiate integrative actions and in full synergy with the administration throughout the national territory which must be more than ever.
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  • Congo, The Democratic Republic of (headquarters)
  • Kinshasa
  • Avenue Colonel Mondjiba n°4106, 1004453 KINTAMBO (Ex-Hôtel Africana).