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Montenegro Red Cross

The Red Cross of Montenegro is an independent and voluntary humanitarian organisation which operates based on the fundamental principles and Mission of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. The Red Cross of Montenegro (hereinafter Red Cross) enjoys the special protection and assistance of the Republic of Montenegro and performs affairs of public interest. The Red Cross has special responsibilities in case of armed conflict, epidemics, ecological and other natural disasters. In case of armed conflicts the Red Cross of Montenegro performs its responsibilities in accordance with the Geneva Conventions on the protection of victims of war, the Additional Protocols and recommendations (conclusions) of the International Conferences of the Red Cross and Red Crescent. The Red Cross performs especially the following activities: Preventing and alleviating human suffering, especially those caused by natural, ecological and other disasters. Participation in activities for protection of life and health and in education of the population. Initiating and enhancing solidarity towards every person who needs assistance and protection, mutual assistance, social assistance to the population and maintaining the dignity of the vulnerable person… The Montenegro Red Cross is organised in 21 local branches of Red Cross and that way it provides, in organisational sense, a presence on the whole territory of the State of Montenegro, and each local branch is made of network of basic organisational forms of Red Cross.
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