Mutualite francaise

Mutualite Francaise - National Federation of the French Mutuality (FNMF)


  • Organization TypeAssociation, Investment & Finance, Service Providers
  • Staff251-500
  • HeadquartersFrance
  • Founded1902
The Fédération Nationale de la Mutualité Française is a professional organization representing almost all mutuals. Created in 1902, the National Federation of the French Mutuality (FNMF) is the spokesperson of mutuals and the mutualist unions that compose it. It promotes their activities and their ideas to the public authorities, institutions and all actors of health and social protection. Its aim is to contribute to the well-being of the millions of people who trust a mutual society throughout their lives. The FNMF has 4 main missions: Facilitating the democratic life of the mutualist movement The role of the Federation is to animate the democratic life of its bodies :  - it promotes the definition and evolution of the political orientations of the mutualist movement, particularly at general assemblies, national councils and congresses of the French Mutualité;  - it ensures that all its components can express themselves and participate in decisions. To this end, it develops internal information and exchange tools;  - it coordinates the regional unions of the Mutualité Française, which are essential actors in the mutual life.  Promoting the model, values ​​and mutualist principles  The Federation promotes the mutualist movement and makes known the specificities of mutuals:  - it promotes the business model of mutuals, which constitute a major component of the social and solidarity economy (ESS). In this capacity, she holds key functions in the representative bodies of the ESS ;  - it designs and implements communication and information campaigns to publicize the values ​​and achievements of mutual organizations to the general public and opinion leaders; - it coordinates and contributes to prevention and awareness-raising actions in the fields of health and social protection. In doing so, it illustrates the role of a global health actor for mutuals, who accompany their members throughout their lives. Support the development of mutuals The Federation acts to promote the development of the activities of its member mutuals by offering them:  - expertise and services in the fields of law, taxation, insurance, economy and competition;  - an accompaniment in the exercise of their various activities: health and welfare insurance, personal care and assistance services, prevention;  - training activities that allow mutual administrators to fully exercise their elective functions. Representing mutuals in public space The Federation participates in public debates on all issues of social protection, health and solidarity:  - it defends the interests of mutual organizations and their members;  - it is a force of proposals to the French and European public authorities, conducts dialogue with health professionals and the social partners;  - it coordinates the activities of the representatives of the mutualist movement in public bodies, and in particular the management of compulsory health insurance. La Mutualité Française accompanies small mutuals The FNMF assists mutuals in their development, especially the smallest of them, by providing them with a set of personalized services. It defends their interests in order to preserve their specificities. This is the case in the context of the application of the European Solvency Directive 2, which increases the financial prudence rules applied to insurance bodies. The Federation has thus obtained from Brussels that small mutuals are subject to a simplified procedure of financial reporting to the Supervisory Authority, avoiding a consequent reorganization of their information system. More generally, the Mutualité Française offers mutuals training, information documents, practical guides, in order to facilitate the operational implementation of legal or regulatory obligations.

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