National Council for Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation (CONASUR)

The National Council for Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation/ Conseil National de Secours d'Urgence et de Réhabilitation (CONASUR) is responsible for: organizing the ordinary and/or extraordinary sessions of CONASUR; ensuring the implementation and follow-up of CONASUR decisions; implementing the national multi-risk plan for disaster preparedness and response in collaboration with the ministerial departments concerned; coordinating social and humanitarian interventions in the event of disasters, including rehabilitation; training actors in the prevention and management of disasters and humanitarian crises; developing a culture of disaster prevention for populations and local elected representatives through communication for behavior change; implementing the national disaster management strategy and popularize the relevant law; coordinating the activities of the CONASUR branches (CORESUR, COPROSUR, CODESUR); managing all the resources (financial, material and human) made available to CONASUR; assessing the extent of the claims and prepare the declaration for the call for national and international solidarity if necessary; drawing up and execute the annual activity programs adopted by the Council; preparing the annual activity report; contributing to the mobilization of the resources necessary for the implementation of the annual program; ensuring the reception, assistance and socio-economic reintegration of displaced persons and / or who return from abroad following crises; designing and implementing rehabilitation programs.          
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