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Neem Foundation

The Neem Foundation is the brainchild of a group of concerned citizens from different walks of life, who were keen that the resources of the neem tree should be harnessed for nation – building. It was the first World Neem Conference in 1993 that got them together and opened their eyes to the miraculous powers of the neem that had been in widespread use in the Indian countryside in hygiene health and for nourishing and protecting their fields. Neem Foundation is a voluntary, independent, not – for – profit organization. More importantly, it is a people’s movement – an initiative that involves ordinary citizens of the world. The Neem Foundation is a forum for individuals and institutions who would like to make a difference. Positive contribution to nation building by way of maximizing the potential of the country’s resources. The Neem tree has been recognized as one such of resource & therefore Neem Foundation came into being in 1993. The challenge before it was to wake up the Governmental machinery to the unfolding story of the wondrous Neem tree that could fight diseases, pests & also play on major role in safeguarding the environment. It has gained global recognition as the apex body of all Neem movements around the world after having organized four World Neem Conferences and several other national and International programmes to reach out to neem movements in several countries. The Neem Foundation facilitates and provides a platform for the coming together of neem workers to share and advance scientific data and published research as well as spreading know how of Neem usage, reviving traditions. It also shares guidance on cultivation and processing of Neem resources. It is a platform for people, who would like to see the world return to nature for answers; who would like to lend their mite to fight poisoning of the soil, pollution of air and ground water and desertification. The Neem Foundation strives to popularize simple, natural solutions to revive the ancient practices of neem usage. The significance of the presence of the neem tree in the vicinity of each abode. The science of neem was known to the Indian farmers & house holders, they used it till the chemicals with their knock – down effect came along & the ancient practice of utilizing neem in the daily lives was looked down upon & discouraged by the British establishment. Since 1997 in the pursuit of green development the Foundation has actively interactive acted with Ministry of – Environment & Forests, Minister of – Agriculture, Ministry of – Chemical & Fertilizers, Govt. of India, the Planning Commission and the Ministry Small Scale Industries, Agro & Rural Industries & Khadi Village & industries Commission. Several recommendations made by the Foundation have been accepted for implementation in Govt. policy. Objectives: The Neem Foundation is dedicated to the task of promoting the Neem Tree as a sustainable solution to global ecological and health concerns. The efforts of the Foundation are aimed to build on natural alternatives to ensure the health and well-being of man, animal, plant and environment. The main objectives of the Foundation are : - To promote awareness about neem and other botanical alternatives. - To sensitize National and International Agencies and Governments to the need to accelerate registration and support natural alternatives like Neem. - To promote practices for total sustainable human development. - To bridge the gap between research & industry. - To establish a premier research center for Neem. - To work jointly and collectively with like-minded organizations to facilitate linkage development. What do they do? Over the years the Neem Foundation has emerged as a forum for unifying global efforts to research and promote the use of the Neem tree and its derivatives in both natural and product forms. It would be the first step in bringing the tangible benefits of neem centre stage. The Neem Foundation strives to : - Revive the usage of Neem in day to day life. - Provide correct and extensive information on neem - Educate and make farmer self sufficient in crop production management using neem. - Teach farmers how to make natural neem pest control formulas and fertilizers for their fields. - Organize and address seminars and workshops. - Network with other NGO’s worldwide to popularize neem. - Initiate and co-ordinate research. - Lobby with Authorities worldwide, to expedite registration procedures for bio-pesticides. - Sensitize government authorities to formulate an integrated policy frame work to address the constraints in the development and growth of this important resource. - Disseminate neem information through its website, publications as well as through its NRTDC in Nagpur. - Convince industry to invest in neem to bridge the innovation gap. - To encourage rural employment and economy through Neem collection and processing unit.
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