Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG)


  • Organization TypeService Providers
  • Staff251-500
  • Founded1998
NRG is an internationally-operating nuclear service provider, working for and with partners in healthcare, the energy market, industry, government and science. Thanks to our expertise and extensive network of international clients and partners, we are a worldwide player. NRG supplies a wide range of medical isotopes to radiopharmaceutical companies, hospitals and treatment centres. Worldwide, every day, around 25,000 patients are dependent for their diagnosis and therapy on the intermediate products and raw materials processed by NRG. NRG is an indispensable link in the production of a large number of the medical isotopes used here, such as Molybdenum-99, Lutetium-177 and Iridium-192. NRG produces industrial isotopes for the oil and gas industry. These are used in applications such as the inspection of welds in oil and gas transport pipelines. For the nuclear industry, NRG conducts a wide range of fuel and material characterisations and qualifications. These materials are used for applications in existing and planned nuclear power reactors. For energy operators, NRG determines the remaining lifetime of materials in existing reactors, and qualifies materials for new applications.  

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