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  • Organization TypeDevelopment Consulting
  • Founded2007
Orion Consulting Associates BV (OCA) is a Dutch registered consultancy firm, specialised in (rural) infrastructure development and community access. ­ OCA has expertise in transport infrastructure planning, construction and (labour based) maintenance of rural and secondary roads and pedestrian access, using environmental optimised design and appropriate technology.  OCA brings together like-minded professionals who strongly believe that infrsatructure and public service delivery should be planned, designed, implemented and sustained to the maximum benefit of is target group. OCA operated as a consulting firm with inhouse expertise and with associates with whom the firm has established long term relations. All associated consultants all have considerable expertise and experience in the area of international development, in particular in relation to transport infrastructure and accessibility to basic socio-economic needs and its impact on poverty. OCA was established in 2007 and is registered in the Netherlands as a private limited company. The company is set up as an Association. OCA operates as a company but individual associate consultants also work as independent freelance consultants, and w­hen needed receive support through the company and its associates. The company is represented by three shareholding associates (partners) and associated consultants.

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  • Netherlands
  • de Hulst 5 PB Roden