• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • Staff51-100
  • HeadquartersColombia
  • Founded2013

Pares en Accion-Reaccion Contra la Exclusion Social (PARCES) (Peers in Action-Reaction Against Social Exclusion)

They seek to build spaces that break the norm, spaces where they feel safe to build from what moves us the most inside, where they feel safe to transform their multiple identities in order to make visible that all must be equally valid. At the beginning they call theirselves 'Parces Collective'. Then, when they realized that the five of them were not going to achieve everything they were imagining, they decided to grow their team. They were ... 10? Yes, 10. Now ... Are they constituted? Alejo and Tati What are the implications of doing that? Benefits, disadvantages?   They were established on December 12, 2013. They established theirselves as a non-governmental organization so they went from being a collective to an NGO. From January they begin to organize theirselves better, deciding roles, ways of working, forms of communication, decisions ... decisions that change and will continue to change with experience and growth. Now they are officially 15 although counting volunteers and some crazy people who support them a lot they are like 20. PARCES acts and reacts against discrimination, exclusion, rejection, abuse and violation and denial of rights to individuals and communities. To do this, it creates and implements critical and participatory action-reaction strategies with political, social and cultural influence at national and international level, that protect, promote, promote human rights, and their real and effective appropriation by the same people and communities Specific objectives Build spaces in which different realities of discrimination, exclusion, rejection, abuse and denial of the rights of marginalized and forgotten populations in society can be transformed in a participatory manner. Make visible to silenced and forgotten populations, as well as the problems experienced by them. Work on the elimination of imaginary and negative stereotypes that exclude communities. Support the de-stigmatization and social inclusion of communities on which prototypes of exclusion operate. React to the immediate needs that forgotten and stigmatized populations live day by day, and to particular situations of injustice and social exclusion. Raise awareness and raise awareness among different actors about the realities and problems experienced by excluded, stigmatized or forgotten communities. Report the violation of human rights. Serve as a vehicle for the empowerment of rights for marginalized, vulnerable or invisible communities. Implement and execute strategies to reaffirm the rights of people and communities that have been or are victims of violations or violations thereof. To constantly promote the dialogue between the various actors, state and non-state, for the formulation of policies that involve communities that live realities of exclusion, marginalization, etc. Support and disseminate the free decision to build the body and identity without being excluded or discriminated against by and in society. To propose strategies that allow to claim the rights of citizens. Formulate, manage and execute social content projects. Develop training and education programs on social inclusion issues. Seek economic, national and international support for the development of the corporate purpose and the activities of the specific objectives. Link or associate with entities, organizations or movements of a political or social nature, national or foreign that sponsor or develop activities related to those of the organization.
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Company Offices

  • Colombia (headquarters)
  • Bogota
  • Carrera 13a # 18 - 20 Bogotá- Colombia