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  • Founded2008
Peacebuilding Solutions (PS) was founded by a group of like-minded individuals who realized there might be a better way to ensure that people in need of humanitarian aid are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. In the course of the research, they were exposed to a great deal of research showing the lack of accountability, transparency, and effectiveness of both non-profit organizations and intergovernmental organizations. As global citizens, the organization felt it was a duty and obligation to help those who, through no fault of their own, are unable to help themselves. Peacebuilding Solutions refuse to live in a society that does not take care of those most in need; and if that society is failing those people, it is up to us to step up and affect change. Today, Peacebuilding Solutions operates with a simple, yet revolutionary, humanitarian aid model. Put simply, the organization let the needs of the community dictate how aid is delivered. This means acting in a way so as to empower in the long-term the communities being served rather than add to the cycle of dependence by focusing on short-term, contract projects. PS feels that those who do not attempt to make themselves a part of the community they wish to serve will never fully understand the needs of the community, nor gain the trust of those in need. Sharing the water and breaking bread with a community creates bonds of trust and respect that can never be bought with money. Sharing in the triumphs and sacrifices of a community is the most effective method of engaging in long-lasting, positive interventions. As the organization engages in various aid projects around the world, this is exactly what PS plans to do. Most importantly, Peacebuilding Solutions understand that the organization doesn't have all the answers. The vital question being asked is: “How can we help you?” and they are much better able to get an answer if they live near or even among those they serve.  

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