Politas Consulting

As a leading urban policy and SEZ consulting firm, Politas provides legal and policy solutions to help cities and special-status jurisdictions achieve inclusive economic growth. Thye assist with the development and implementation of laws, policies, and administrative frameworks for special economic zones (SEZs), cities, and autonomous areas. They advise local and national governments and international institutions on how to use cities and special zones to address the world's most pressing problems.  Founded by Michael Castle-Miller, a legal and public policy consultant who has helped develop SEZ programs for over 20 countries, Politas has quickly become one of the most dynamic, creative teams in the world at building the legal frameworks for new zone and city development projects
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Job openings over the past year

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Examples of past jobs

  • Legal and Public Policy Expert
    United States

Staff at Politas Consulting have experience in


  • legislation / regulations
  • public administration
  • project support
  • urban planning
  • finance


  • world bank group
  • ec


  • fiji
  • vanuatu
  • solomon islands
  • united kingdom
  • united states


  • managerial experience
  • with experience in conflict areas

Company Offices

  • United States (headquarters)
  • Los Angeles
  • 555 W. Fifth Street, 35th Floor
  • California CA 90013