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Pooya Graphic Advertising

ABOUT POOYA If your company’s products or services should be known by your future customers, your organization’s message of optimism be multiplied, or your assignments be enabled through documents, you need a reliable and proven partner. Your message only gets effective if you place it in the right media at the right place. A service provider which offers everything you need, spreads out your presence, increases your impact, and reduces worries and cost. Pooya Graphic Advertising Company is proud to assist you in your communication wherever and whenever you need it. Of course, they propose other ways to let your message be known in an even more elaborate way, such as stands, 3D printing, stickers, T-shirts… and giveaways or gifts. Examples for the former are ballpoint pens or agendas which keep a good relationship with your customer; a typical gift is an exclusive mural clock which honors your trusted partner or premium client.
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Company Offices

  • Afghanistan
  • Kabul
  • Shahr-e-Now Ansari Square, Next to Kabul City Center, Pooya Graphic Building