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  • Founded1952

Powerchina SEPCO1 Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. (SEPCO1)

Formerly known as the 22nd Engineering Department of Shanghai Infrastructure Construction Bureau, SEPCO1 Electric Power Construction Corporation (hereinafter referred to as SEPCO1) was founded in 1952 and was put into administration of State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company in 1956. Now as a key enterprise of Power Construction Corporation of China, which ranks in Fortune 500, SEPCO1 possesses over 30 qualifications including Grade A+ general contracting qualification for power plant project, Grade A general contracting qualification of architecture construction, Grade A qualification for power plant commissioning, GradeΙ qualification for boiler erection and retrofitting, Grade A design, manufacture, installation and maintenance qualification for hoisting machinery, general contracting qualification for municipal public project and contracting qualification for environmental protection project etc..  The past 60  years have witnessed the company’s arduous efforts as well as its outstanding achievements. It has developed into a large-scale state-owned electric power engineering company featuring comprehensiveness, collectivization and diversification. Its business covers coal fired power plant engineering, nuclear power plants construction, new energy power generation, design and commissioning of power station, operation and maintenance of power plants, transmission and transformation, infrastructure, design and manufacture of hoisting machinery, trade and logistics, investment and financing etc., being capable of offering integrated and whole industry chain services. Over these years, SEPCO1 has completed more than 600 power-generating units of all kinds with a total installation capacity of more than 114000MW. By contracting and building projects in over 10 countries throughout South America, South Asia, Middle Asia, West Asia and 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, SEPCO1 turns out to be one of electric power engineering companies whose projects are distributed most widely and whose business scales run largest.
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Company Offices

  • (headquarters)
  • Building A2-6, No.7000, Jingshidong Road, Hanyu Jingu, Jinan Innovation Zone