Process Consulting Company

Since 1992 Process Consulting Company has helped managers: - assess their organizations programs or projects; - identify possibilities for improvement; - plan and implement required changes. Their specialization is monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects. They started with consulting and training in the field of organizational development and management. Monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs began in the mid-90's, and already in the late 90's they decided to specialize in this field. By that time, they conducted several dozen consulting projects with a wide variety of organizations, from banks and industrial enterprises to foundations and non-profit associations. Experience gained in the field of organizational development now helps them to better understand the processes occurring in programs and projects, diagnose problem areas, develop practical recommendations and provide effective assistance in their implementation. Their trainings on monitoring and evaluation of programs have received recognition not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders. They use techniques that help staff members use their professional experience, knowledge and creative potential with maximum efficiency. They trust that every organization possesses a unique potential that can be realized to benefit its customers, employees, managers and stakeholders. Because they believe that the way to a stable and prosperous society requires the creation of effective organizations.
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Company Offices

  • Russian Federation (headquarters)
  • Moscow
  • Stromynka Str., Bldg. 2, TARP VAO