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Providence Trade and Development, LLC



  • Organization TypeGoods Supplier, Service Providers
  • HeadquartersUnited States
  • Founded2009
Providence provides portable solar powered water purification systems, solar powered irrigation pumps, alternative energy power systems, and more. Their partners have developed "off the grid" solutions that can produce clean water and clean energy virtually anywhere in the world. These systems are designed by world-class experts in renewable energy, solar power, electrical engineering, pump design, water filtration, water sanitation, water conservation, energy conservation and other disciplines. Their goal is to provide resources, goods and services that improve the quality of life. They focus on necessities, like clean water, and sustainable solutions, like solar power. They hope to be of service to underserved markets. Providence began in 2009, when Lex Henkels and Mike Shor realized they had common objectives and joined forces. Partnering with innovative leaders in solar power, pump technology, ultra-efficient irrigation techniques, wastewater remediation and water filtration, Providence delivers systems that can save lives. With a worldwide network of sources, Providence also offers staples such as rice and cooking oil. refurbished medical equipment, and building materials.   PRODUCTS   Solar Powered Water Pumps. Solar powered water pumps from Providence can lift water up thousands of feet, and across many miles. They provide water for crop irrigation, for livestock, or for people in even the most remote locations.   Portable Water Purification Systems. Providence solar powered water purification turn polluted contaminated water into safe clean drinking water, preventing waterborne diseases.   Portable Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System. Providence ‘s portable Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems transform brackish water or seawater into water for drinking, for household use, or for agriculture.   Long-term, Sustainable Water Sanitation Solutions. At present, Providence’s partner organization is working with NGO and Haitian government officials to establish a water testing facility in Haiti.   Water Purification or Decontamination. Providence portable solar powered water purification systems save lives by producing safe clean healthy drinking water that is 99.99 % free of harmful pollutants, bacteria, viruses, and cysts.   Solar Power Energy. Reliable solar power systems for villages, schools, farms, homes or applications of any size.   Mobile Solar and Wind Powered Energy, Water and Communications System.  Providence introduces a revolutionary mobile energy, water purification and communications system, powered by the wind and the sun. The trailer-mounted system can generate up to 12kw auxiliary power and features a telescoping 106-foot communications tower that can be automatically deployed by the hydraulics system. Optional water purification system provides thousands of gallons of safe, clean water.   Food Commodities, Refurbished Medical Equipment. Because of the worldwide network, Providence is able to provide staple items such as rice, wheat and cooking oil. We work directly with the producers, and pass these cost savings on to the customer.   Solar Street Lights, Net Zero Energy Homes, and More. Providence offers a wide range of environmentally friendly and sustainable products, including solar powered street lights, Net Zero Energy homes, ultra-efficient cooling, ultra-efficient irrigation, solar power water purification systems, and alternative energy. The solar street light partners have installations in several countries around the world.


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