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Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) is a cutting edge emergency management organisation, encompassing a broad spectrum of assets and capabilities with a united focus on creating safer, more resilient communities and pioneering emergency services into the future. QFES provides vital fire and emergency services to the communities of Queensland, and is undergoing change to ensure they are well positioned and well prepared for the future. There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in their organisation either as a staff member or a volunteer. QFES is one organisation with many services, many capabilities and many partners. They deliver integrated and interoperable services that reflect the needs of our community. QFES is focused on enhancing community resilience by providing timely, high quality and effective emergency services to the people of Queensland. QFES has a proud history of serving the people and communities of Queensland. The diverse expertise and skills of the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) have been integral to protecting the people, property and prosperity of Queensland. The invaluable work of the Rural Fire Service (RFS) and State Emergency Service (SES), working with and in Queensland communities, continues to create a stronger, more resilient state. Their volunteer workforce is a crucial component in their ability to deliver on their purpose to help the community to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from the impact of fire and emergency events. The embedding of emergency management in all of their services is key to QFES and underpins all of the work they do. They are an inclusive, diverse and safe organisation. They foster and support innovation and the development of capabilities in our workforce to serve today’s communities while also training the leaders of tomorrow to deliver future services. As members of QFES, we maintain high standards of behaviour within the service and demonstrate these standards in the way we speak to, act towards and treat others, both within and outside the organisation. QFES encourages inclusion and diversity across the organisation. It is important that they all follow the Code of Conduct and are mindful of how they can work together to benefit the whole organisation. They also consider how they can best work with other agencies across Government for the benefit of their communities and their state. At QFES they maintain a focus on renewal and continuous improvement, ensuring that they deliver on their responsibilities and accountabilities and provide essential fire and emergency services to the people of Queensland. Every QFES staff member and volunteer plays an important role in creating resilient communities and they know that QFES is an organisation of which you would be proud to be a part.

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