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  • Founded2010
At Randel Consulting Associates are passionate about helping people and organizations optimize their potential, so they are stronger, more successful, and positioned for future growth. They have been helping international and global organizations successfully go through transformation ever since their company’s beginning in South Africa more than 20 years ago. Over the years, they have seen and experienced a lot of different issues and challenges. their clients benefit from their global perspective, because they understand their diverse circumstances and can bring different ways of thinking that help their clients make sense of complex situations. Their clients regularly say they have a special style that brings people together to address complex issues. They are known for their diplomacy and tact, and for quickly establishing a rapport and trust with their clients that enables them to move things forward quickly and effectively. They are also known for their ability to take tricky dynamics, or controversial issues, and successfully get everyone onto the same page, where they can collaborate and work together toward a common goal. Ultimately, their clients are stronger, more successful, and positioned for future growth. They tell them they see a huge increase in support and buy-in for common goals, knowledge-sharing, more effective leadership, and ability to achieve goals and incorporate results into current and future projects. They are experts in organizational development, facilitation, and training, and they partner with their clients to help them optimize their potential. Their clients often tell them that they made something possible they didn’t think was going to be possible, that the resulting outcome was better than they could have imagined. They would love to talk with you about how they can help your organization. -Facilitation: They design and facilitate meetings and retreats for staff, members, or external stakeholders. -Organizational Development: They coach teams and executive leadership through change and improvement. -Training: They create and run professional development training programs that equip people with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.  

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