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Refugee Resource

Refugee Resource aims to relieve distress, improve well-being and facilitate the integration of refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants – mainly in Oxfordshire – by providing psychological, social and practical support. They currently deliver the following core services as a means of meeting this overall aim: -Specialised counselling and psychotherapy (with interpreters when necessary) -Mentoring -A weekly Women’s Group -Services for men -Advice and advocacy They are committed to: -Providing a confidential service to refugees and asylum seekers -Ensuring asylum seekers and refugees know what their rights in the UK are -Providing services and projects in direct response to needs identified by refugees and asylum seekers -Involving refugees and asylum seekers in developing and running the services -Working in partnership with other organisations so that they meet needs in a coordinated way, learn from others, and share what they learn -Working with the local media to ensure accurate and fair reporting of issues affecting refugees and asylum seekers -Offering training and consultation in psychosocial issues affecting refugees and asylum seekers to people working with them. In addition to the above values they will strive to: -Continue to learn from their clients in order to provide high quality and responsive services -Invest in their staff’s development and career progression -Enhance their local and regional standing and reputation All their activity will be predicated on an approach that will involve: -Supporting service users in exercising their rights and participating in local decision-making and democratic activities -Encouraging and developing the contribution made by volunteers in sustaining services and facilities -Encouraging a sustainable living standard among refugees and asylum seekers through employment and income generation -Improving access to services and facilities -Advocating on behalf of their client group to ensure equality of services to all who live and work in Oxfordshire. Values: -Compassion and empathy -Inclusiveness (client centred) -Flexibility and responsiveness -Freedom from judgement and condemnation -Recognition of the intrinsic value of all individuals Confidentiality:   They offer a confidential service. They believe their users deserve the right to confidentiality to protect their interests. They will give no personal information about a client directly or indirectly to any other organisation without the individual’s prior agreement (except in rare situations of potential self-harm or harm to others). If they think another organisation might be able to help an individual they will pass details on only if the individual agrees. Some information from individuals will be used to create statistics. The statistics will be made public, but nothing that can identify anyone as an individual will be included. Partnership: Partnership is very important to them. But it is an over-used and misused word. By ‘partnership’ they mean that they work with others towards shared goals, which are about clients, not about organisations. They believe that their partnership approach has improved services to clients. Partnerships as relationships …with clients They are committed to meeting the needs of refugees and asylum seekers as expressed by them. Their services were set up as a result of a consultation with refugees and asylum seekers, and are shaped by consultation with refugees and asylum seekers. …with service providers Partnership with other providers is crucial – they promote collaboration and try to avoid duplication. In order to put refugees’ and asylum seekers’ needs as close as possible to the heart of what they do, they take time to plan their services and to talk to other providers. They share information about their work (not about individuals, unless they have their permission) openly with other organisations, they learn about what others offer. If another provider can offer a more appropriate service to a client, they refer. Or, if the client would benefit from the involvement of more than one organisation, they collaborate.  
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